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50 Colors of Crushed Stone and Recycled Materials

Specialty Aggregates produced by Kafka Granite are used in a wide variety of manufacturing, construction, and architectural design applications. As the producer of this specialty crushed stone, we are able to monitor quality starting at the source. Whether it’s blasting at the quarry, crushing to a specific grade, drying a material, or simply the storage of the finished product, every effort is made to ensure a clean and consistent specialty aggregate is delivered to our customers.

Kafka Granite sources granite, marble, and quartzite from dozens of quarries throughout the United States and Canada. This enables us to offer a wide variety of natural stone. When you combine a large assortment of natural colors with our fine tuned custom crushing abilities, we’re able to manufacture a specialty aggregate that meets or exceeds your specifications.

Stone is a natural material and slight color variations may occur. Product is photographed wet to better show color. We encourage you to request complimentary samples before ordering. Granite, marble, and quartz are general classifications. If specific chemical make-up is important, please speak with a sales representative about aggregate testing.
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Looking for a Custom aggregate Solution?

Kafka Granite takes pride in providing custom solutions to our customers’ needs. Whether you need a specific size or gradation of specialty aggregate, a particular material that suits your project, or a custom blend of colors to create the ideal crushed stone for your needs, Kafka can deliver the perfect result. All of our natural crushed stone products are produced as they are ordered, allowing for customization for your project.

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Kafka Granite is a premier manufacturer of 50 colors of crushed stone and recycled materials. With the ability to crush and screen quartz, marble, decomposed granite and recycled materials to any size specification you may need—chips and dust to stones and boulders—your project’s requirements are guaranteed to be met.

Our raw materials originate from various quarries throughout the United States and Canada and are transported to our state-of-the-art crushing facility in Central Wisconsin to ensure everything we produce meets our high standards. Whether you’re seeking natural hues or brightly colored specialty aggregates, Kafka has a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the perfect material for your project.

Our experts are highly experienced when it comes to helping you select the right specialty aggregate for your project’s design and needs. Whether you’re a designer, manufacturer or contractor, contact us today. We can discuss your project and provide samples for your company’s testing and approval.

We can work with both the architect and product manufacturer to ensure you achieve the exact design aesthetic and function you’re looking for. By calling us today, we can get started on providing you with the decomposed granite, quartz, marble or recycled material aggregate you’re looking for in any size to meet your specifications.

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