Elite Extra Corporate Headquarters

Elite Extra Headquarters featuring Kafka's Galaxy Glitter in architectural precast concrete

When Applied Data Consultants/Elite Extra were looking to build a new headquarters, they wanted to incorporate a dark concrete with some sparkle for the exterior of the building. Huffcutt Concrete used Kafka Granite’s Galaxy Glitter Manufactured Sand in their tinted concrete to create a unique sparkle in rich, black architectural precast panels. This contemporary, three-story office building located just outside of Eau Claire, WI absolutely dazzles in the sunlight.

Project details

  • Location: Chippewa County, WI
  • Contactor(s): Huffcutt Concrete, Hoeft Construction, Cedar Corporation
Working with Kafka has been very easy and productive. Their knowledgeable team has provided Huffcutt Concrete’s QA/QC team with a vast selection of aggregates that we can utilize in our mix designs, allowing us to give our customers a wide array of concrete choices, colors, and designs. —Huffcutt Concrete
Kafka Galaxy Glitter Sand
Manufactured Sand
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