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Thermal-Top Steps & Treads

Kafka Starlight Black Granite Thermal-Top Steps

An Impressive Addition to Your Landscape

Kafka Granite’s Thermal-Top Steps and Treads are sure to deliver a lifetime of durability and beauty to your residential or commercial project. Each natural stone step and tread is sawn to height to allow for a more efficient installation process, which eliminates shimming and re-leveling, and comes with a standard thermal top finish for increased traction.

Kafka’s Outcropping Thermal-Top Steps have a natural face and sides for a more rugged look, while our traditional Thermal-Top Steps have one long edge rock faced with the remaining edges sawn. Our Thermal-Top Treads can either have sawn or rock faced edges.

Available in these finishes:
Thermal | Bush Hammer | Sawn | Honed




Kafka’s handcrafted natural stone Steps and Treads have sawn tops and bottoms for a streamlined installation, virtually eliminating the need for shimming and re-leveling. These hardscapes will maintain their integrity for decades, and pair seamlessly with many of our other product lines.

Another advantage of working with Kafka is the ability to source your entire project from complementary categories of our natural stone products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kafka’s Thermal-Top Steps and Treads have a thermal finish. The process of creating this type of finish involves exposing the wet surface of a stone to intense heat. This results in a skid and slip-resistant surface, perfect for commercial or residential landscaping projects. The high temperature also serves to further reveal the unique look of each natural stone product.

Outcropping stone is typically rough on all sides, which requires extra care and time during the installation process. When developing Kafka’s natural stone hardscapes, we wanted to create a natural stone product line that stood apart from other options in terms of performance and ease of installation. To that end, our Thermal-Top Steps and Treads are sawn on the top and bottom to streamline installation. While a professional will still be necessary for installation, the process can now proceed more quickly and smoothly than it would with traditional outcropping stone.

Our Thermal-Top Steps and Treads are sawn to height, which effectively eliminates the need for shimming and re-leveling during installation. This provides a significant advantage over natural stone steps that are not sawn to height. The end result is a more efficient installation, a quicker setup process, and potentially a lower final project cost.

Natural stone is a high-end alternative to cultured or manufactured stone. At the same time, this beautiful material can actually save you money in the long run. Just consider the longevity of your project—manufactured stone and other cheaper materials will typically degrade and become discolored when exposed to the elements. Natural stone, on the other hand, wears beautifully, maintaining both its look and integrity in an outdoor installation. With Kafka Granite’s natural stone hardscapes, you can rest assured that your retaining wall, stone steps, or other landscaping project will continue to perform throughout the years.

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