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Kafka Granite is your one-stop shop for bulk landscaping materials including landscape stone and granite boulders. Kafka offers all these products in bulk quantities. Whether you are landscape yard stocking up on inventory or a contractor placing a special order for your next big project, we’ve got it covered.

Kafka Granite offers a wide variety of landscape stone either from crushed rock, round pebbles, or river rock in several sizes suitable for enhancing the landscape around homes and commercial properties. Also referred to as pebbles, chips, stone mulch, decorative gravel, and landscape gravel, they are used primarily as ground cover in flowerbeds and around shrubs. Our Wisconsin granite boulders are smooth, rounded, glacially-deposited, multi-colored, and are available in several sizes from small 3–6″ cobbles to large boulders over 48″. Often referred to as glacier boulders, rainbow rocks, or fieldstone boulders, they are used in landscaping for boulder retaining walls, man-made waterfalls, water features, shoreline rip rap, and as accent pieces. Kafka offers a variety of decorative rip rap in assorted sizes up to over four feet in diameter. These raw fractured naturally-colored boulders are used for retaining walls, shoreline rip rap, as accent pieces, and for man-made waterfalls or other water features.

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Kafka’s Bulk Stone & Boulders are available in a variety of colors, allowing Landscape Architects and Designers greater creativity in their projects. Whether matching our Pathway Materials to other products or creating contrasting color spaces in your design, Kafka has you covered.

Another advantage of working with Kafka is the ability to source your entire project from complementary categories of our natural stone products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kafka Granite offers bulk landscaping stone, pebbles, boulders, cobbles, and rip rap to landscape supply yards, designers or others who are working on large-scale projects and seeking the perfect landscaping stone. We have stone well-suited for a wide variety of settings, including walkways, driveways, retaining walls, and even accent pieces.

Talk with one of our experts today. We can help you find exactly what you’re looking for and even send you samples of any landscaping stone you may be interested in.

Although both cobbles and landscape stone can be used in flowerbeds, there are many differences between the two products. Our landscape stone is significantly smaller than our granite cobbles. Our smallest cobbles are 3” in diameter and while they may be used in landscaping architecture for retaining walls or flowerbeds, they wouldn’t be suitable as a groundcover.

Also, Kafka’s cobbles are smooth round glacially deposited granite stones, whereas our landscape stone varies in texture, size and origin. Some landscape stone may be rough and jagged and some may be round. If your project includes just designing flowerbeds with some retaining walls, our granite cobbles may be a good option for you. However, if you need more expansive ground cover or an alternative to mulch, landscape stone is your best choice.

Our granite cobbles are our smaller-sized glacially deposited stones ranging in size from 3”–6”. From there, our cobbles are categorized in four-inch increments (4”–8”, 8”–12”, etc.) Our largest boulders are bigger than 60”, making our variety of sizes ideal for many types of landscaping or architecture projects.

While it may seem like our boulders, cobbles and riprap are one of the same, it’s worth noting their differences. Kafka’s boulders and cobbles are naturally smooth, round granite stones. They’re glacially deposited granite in all of their multicolored glory. They’re only available in the mixed multicolored natural hues – varying between beiges, pinks, blues, grays, and whites.

Kafka Granite’s decorative rip rap, however, is made up of naturally raw fractured boulders. This means that our rip rap can have jagged or pointed edges as opposed to our granite boulders’ smooth, round edges. Our rip rap also comes in more than one naturally occurring color.

The product is commonly shipped via bulk end-dump trucks and trailers, with an average truckload of material weighing approximately 23 tons — though the type of material and the size of the truck and trailer will cause this to fluctuate slightly. Less-than-truckload quantities are available in one ton increments, but may be subject to additional set-up fees due to small production runs.

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