Precast Concrete

Kafka's specialty aggregates in decorative precast concrete

More Than 50 Colors of Decorative Concrete Aggregate

Kafka Granite produces more than 50 different types of crushed granite, quartz, marble, and recycled materials for use in architectural precast concrete wall panels and decorative precast concrete products. Our aggregates and manufactured sands provide a natural color and decorative finish, as well as strength, making them perfect for any architectural precast concrete project. And our aggregates are used in a multitude of decorative precast concrete products, including pavers, planters, tables, benches, columns, trash bins, snuffers, and other amenities which are featured worldwide.

Kafka’s specialty aggregates are produced in a controlled environment, ensuring the highest quality aggregate for architectural and decorative precast concrete projects. With the ability to provide completely dry and dust-free aggregates crushed to any size, Kafka Granite can meet or exceed the specifications your project demands.

A darkened landscape photo of a Kafka processing facility is shown.

Looking for a Custom Solution?

Kafka Granite takes pride in providing custom solutions to our customers’ needs. Whether you need a specific size or gradation of specialty aggregate, a particular material that suits your project, or a custom blend of colors to create the perfect crushed stone for your needs, Kafka can deliver the perfect result. All of our natural crushed stone products are produced as they are ordered, allowing for customization for your project.

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