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Kafka's Wax Polymer Pathway at Union League National in New Jersey

Exceptional Golf Course Erosion Control

The ease of installation and limited maintenance makes Kafka’s patented erosion-resistant Wax Polymer Pathway Mix and Wax Polymer Bunker Sand top choices for beautiful, yet resilient, pathways and out-of-play bunkers on courses throughout the United States.

Kafka’s Wax Polymer Golf Course Pathway Material is designed to be an easy to install, dustless, erosion-resistant, and maintenance free solution for natural looking cart and walking paths. Our Wax Polymer Bunker Sand is designed to shed water down the bunker and into the drainage system without taking the sand with it, protecting your bunkers and drastically reducing costly and repetitive maintenance.

Kafka’s Wax Polymer Pathway Mix and Bunker Sand are covered by U.S. Patents 10,675,525 and 11,420,104.

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Looking for a Custom Solution?

Kafka Granite takes pride in providing custom solutions to our customers’ needs. If you need a custom blend of colors to create the perfect crushed stone for your needs, Kafka can deliver the perfect result. All of our natural crushed stone products are produced as they are ordered, allowing for customization for your project.

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Owner and founder Glenn Kafka discusses Kafka’s patented Wax Polymer Pathway Mix and Bunker Sand at the 2019 GCSAA Golf Industry Show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both of these products utilize Kafka’s high-quality decomposed granite or crushed stone, and both can be used on golf pathways to complement the natural look and feel of a course. But our Wax Polymer Pathway Mix combines that decomposed granite or crushed stone with an engineered polymer to create a highly durable product. Stabilized pathway mixes may not be suitable for very steep areas, while wax polymer pathways are ideal for hilly terrain and can withstand intense erosion. Kafka’s Wax Polymer Pathway Mix can be laid on even the steepest of hills, making it a reliable choice for golf courses with undulating paths and steep landscapes.

In terms of installation, Wax Polymer Pathway Mix is easier to install because it doesn’t need to be activated by water. This product is impermeable, while the Stabilized Pathway Mix remains permeable.

Golf pathways need to complement a course while resisting erosion, withstanding weather, and holding up under frequent foot and cart traffic. That’s exactly what our pathway mixes do. Our Wax Polymer Pathway Mix comes in six colors, with Beige Blend being the most popular. And unlike hardscape surfaces like asphalt and concrete, our golf course pathway solutions create an aesthetically pleasing, natural look. If you’re looking for a custom color for your course, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales reps.

The product is commonly shipped via bulk end-dump trucks and trailers, with an average truckload of material weighing approximately 23 tons — though the type of material and the size of the truck and trailer will cause this to fluctuate slightly. Less-than-truckload quantities are available in one ton increments, but may be subject to additional set-up fees due to small production runs.

If bulk truckload shipping is not an option, product can be packaged in ~3,000-pound super sacks. These 1½-ton bags provide easy transportation via flatbed, van, or LTL common carriers, and also facilitate easier storage and handling on job sites. Optional rain covers are also available.

The Wax Polymer Pathway Mix is easy to install and requires little maintenance, meaning you’ll be able to allocate more resources towards the rest of your course, rather than towards installing and maintaining your pathways. Additionally, this product is pre-mixed to make installation a breeze. No water is needed for the process—simply lay the material, level the surface, and compact. The best part? Our Wax Polymer Mix is completely dustless and doesn’t get muddy, making it perfect for golf pathways.

Erosion is a constant concern on golf courses, particularly those with hilly terrain or those that are exposed to severe weather or freeze thaw cycles. We designed our bunker sand specifically to combat this issue and protect high-maintenance bunkers. Kafka’s Wax Polymer Bunker Sand is extremely erosion-resistant and can be installed easily over existing bunker sand. Our specially designed sand forces water into the drainage system on a golf course without taking the sand with it, protecting your bunkers and reducing costly maintenance.

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