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Kafka Wax Polymer Bunker Sand at Whistling Straights

Wax Polymer Bunker Sand

Erosion is a constant concern on golf courses, particularly for those with hilly terrain, severe weather, or freeze/thaw cycles. Kafka’s patented Wax Polymer Bunker Sand — specifically designed for high-maintenance, out-of-play bunkers at Whistling Straits — can easily be installed over the steep faces of preexisting bunker sand for effective erosion control.

This specially made erosion control bunker mix sheds water into the drainage system without taking sand with it, protecting your bunkers and drastically reducing costly and repetitive maintenance. Kafka’s Wax Polymer Bunker Sand is covered by U.S. Patents 10,675,525 and 11,420,104.

Golf bunker before and after with Kafka Wax Polymer Bunker Sand


Kafka’s patented Wax Polymer Bunker Sand is an ideal erosion control bunker solution. It’s produced by combining our manufactured sand with engineered wax polymers in a special proprietary process. The wax polymers encapsulate each grain of material, creating a firm, sealed surface that compacts well over existing bunker material.

This natural-looking, non-permeable surface allows for water to shed down the bunker without eroding the sand and fouling the drainage system. It also stands up to freeze/thaw cycles and the erosive effects of high winds.

Shown is Kafka Granite Wax Polymer Bunker Sand after a 2″ rainfall, versus the previous bunker material.


Kafka Granite’s Wax Polymer Bunker Sand makes for a premium erosion control bunker solution, delivering a natural-looking alternative to traditional bunker sand. Wax Polymer Bunker Sand creates a dustless, sealed, non-permeable bunker surface for non-playable faces and out-of-play bunkers, drastically reducing erosion and the costly, continuous maintenance that goes with it.

In addition to this advanced erosion control bunker mix, Kafka is able to provide other benefits to your golf course — such as the ability to source your entire project from complementary categories of our natural stone products, creating a beautiful, cohesive look.

A thin rectangle of empty space.
The Wax Polymer Bunker Sand by Kafka Granite has performed better than I could have ever imagined. The time and labor that is saved after heavy rain speaks for itself. I was skeptical with the longevity of the Wax Polymer, but from extreme cold and snow during the winter, to hot, humid temperatures in the summer, there have been no issues with the product at all! To top it off, Kafka was also able to match the color of our existing sand, so it blends perfectly! —Chris Zugel, Superintendent for Whistling Straits

Frequently Asked Questions

Kafka’s Wax Polymer Bunker Sand creates a firm, impermeable surface that is not conducive to play. It should only be used on non-playable faces of in-play bunkers as well as out-of-play bunkers.

Certain factors, such as extreme weather, freeze/thaw cycles, or even hilly terrain can cause erosion issues on golf courses. Our bunker sand is designed specifically to combat these issues and protect high-maintenance bunkers. Kafka’s Wax Polymer Bunker Sand is extremely erosion-resistant and can be installed easily over existing bunker sand. Our specially designed sand forces water into the drainage system on a golf course without taking the sand with it, protecting your bunkers and reducing costly maintenance.

The product is commonly shipped via bulk end-dump trucks and trailers, with an average truckload of material weighing approximately 23 tons — though the type of material and the size of the truck and trailer will cause this to fluctuate slightly. Less-than-truckload quantities are available in one ton increments, but may be subject to additional set-up fees due to small production runs.

If bulk truckload shipping is not an option, product can be packaged in ~3,000-pound super sacks. These 1½-ton bags provide easy transportation via flatbed, van, or LTL common carriers, and also facilitate easier storage and handling on job sites.


Owner and founder Glenn Kafka discusses Kafka’s patented Wax Polymer Pathway Mix and Bunker Sand at the 2019 GCSAA Golf Industry Show.

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