Kafka Granite's recycled smoked glass

A Commitment to a Greener Tomorrow

Kafka Granite has become a pioneer in recycling landfill and waste products for use as aggregates in precast concrete, terrazzo flooring and countertops, epoxy overlay surfacing, pathway materials, and more. Our line of recycled aggregates started off as a joint venture between three Wisconsin companies: Kafka Granite, Wausau Tile, and Kohler Corporation. We began by recycling all of Kohler’s rejected porcelain toilets and sinks, and later their slag. Kafka has since partnered with suppliers of computer and television glass, as well as two-sided mirrors, both of which have become popular recycled materials in the epoxy resin market.

In addition to our line of recycled products, we’ve also taken measures to increase our efficiency and lessen the ecological footprint of our manufacturing process. While some of these measures are as simple as using second-hand pallets, others are more complicated. Notably, Kafka has installed a state-of-the-art dust collection system that runs throughout the plant. It acts as a large vacuum, collecting dust that would otherwise be polluted into the air. After collection, the dust is reused in the creation of other products. This revolutionary system is just one of the ways in which Kafka Granite is continually working towards sustainability and a greener tomorrow.

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