Glen View Club Pathway Project

Kafka's Autumn Blend Wax Polymer Pathway at Glen View Club in Golf, Illinois.

Located in aptly-named Golf, IL, Glen View Club has undergone numerous course updates in order to improve their member and guest experience. The existing cart paths were recognized as needing serious repairs in order to address four key areas: aesthetics, erosion maintenance, dust control, and noise. The original pathway material was light limestone screenings, which stood out from the rest of the sand bunkers and greens, was regularly susceptible to washouts requiring costly maintenance, and was dusty and noisy when used.

To address the cart path issues, the Glen View Club turned to Kafka Granite’s patented Wax Polymer Pathway Material. This resilient, non-erosive wax-coated aggregate can be installed on even the steepest of slopes to create an aesthetically pleasing, durable, and dustless pathway. The ease of installation and limited maintenance makes the Wax Polymer Pathway Mix a top choice for beautiful, yet resilient, pathways.

Project details

  • Location: Golf, IL
  • Installer: Glen View Club Grounds Crew
The paths have held up well through the first season. They look great, and there are no washouts, no dust, and they are quiet. They blend in with their surrounds and have helped to tie-in and complement all the other work we’ve done on the course. —Brian Moore, Golf Course Superintendent at Glen View Club
Autumn Blend Wax Polymer Pathway
Wax Polymer Pathway Mix

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