Speciality Aggregates

Finishing & Packaging

Kafka Specialty Aggregate Finishing and Packaging Options

Quality Product that Exceeds Your Specifications

As the producer of all of our specialty crushed stone, we are able to monitor quality from the beginning of the manufacturing process all the way through to the final product. Whether it’s blasting at the quarry, crushing to a specific grade, drying a material, bagging and palletizing, storage, or simply the shipping of the finished product, every effort is made to ensure a clean, consistent aggregate is delivered to our customers.

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Kafka Specialty Aggregate Drying

Material Drying

Kafka Granite can provide a dry and dust-free aggregate to meet your specifications. Once the material is dried, it is moved to dry storage prior to shipping. Dried materials can be bagged in either 3,000-pound super sacks or palletized 50-pound bags. Rain covers are available for pallets for additional protection.

If Kafka Granite is arranging shipping, we will utilize dry transportation options (van, conestoga/curtainwall, etc.) to ensure your product is protected from the elements in transit.

Kafka Specialty Aggregate Bulk Truckloads

Bulk Truckloads

The most cost effective way to order Kafka Granite specialty aggregates and manufactured sands is in bulk truckload quantities. The product is commonly shipped via bulk end-dump trucks and trailers, with an average truckload of material weighing approximately 23 tons — though the type of material and the size of the truck and trailer will cause this to fluctuate slightly.

Less-than-truckload quantities are available in one ton increments, but may be subject to additional set-up fees due to small production runs.

Kafka Specialty Aggregate 3000 Pound Super Sacks

1 1/2 Ton Super Sacks

If bulk truckload shipping is not an option, our specialty aggregates and manufactured sands can be packaged in ~3,000-pound super sacks. These 1½-ton bags provide easy transportation via flatbed, van, or LTL common carriers, and also facilitate easier storage and handling on job sites. Optional rain covers are also available.

Specialty aggregates that are packaged in super sacks are available in 1 ton minimum orders and may be subject to set-up fees.

Kafka Specialty Aggregate 50 Pound Bags

50 Pound Bags

Most of Kafka Granite’s specialty aggregates can also be bagged in 50-pound bags and stacked on pallets for protected transportation via flatbed, van, or LTL common carriers. These 50-pound bags provide a more versatile option for material that is used in smaller quantities at a time by the end user, and the pallets facilitate easier storage. Optional rain covers are also available.

Specialty aggregates that are packaged in 50-pound bags are available in pallet-quantity minimum orders and may be subject to set-up fees

Kafka Specialty Aggregate Shipping Options

Shipping Options

Kafka Granite ships within a 300 mile radius of Mosinee, Wisconsin with our own fleet of trucks, and utilizes a nationwide network of end-dump, van, conestoga/curtain wall, and flatbed trailers as well as LTL common carriers to regularly ship materials throughout the rest of North America. Customers can also arrange for their own pickups.

Kafka Granite can also work with you on shipping specialty aggregate and manufactured sands internationally.

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