Burma Red Stabilized Infield - Mosinee, WI


Late this summer, Kafka Granite showed it’s support of their new home of Mosinee, Wisconsin in a big way. While other community baseball and softball organizations were raising big money with plans to build a brand new complex, Mosinee Youth Baseball was happy they finally had enough money to update an outdated scoreboard. When Kafka Granite heard of the Youth Baseball League’s need for an updated field, we stepped up to the plate.

Kafka Granite donated enough Burma Red Stabilized Infield Mix for Mosinee Youth Baseball to redo their entire field. Mosinee Youth Baseball was even more thrilled when they learned this isn’t your average infield mix. Kafka Granite’s Stabilized Infield Mix combines the superior drainage characteristics of our Standard Infield Mix with Stabilizer Organic Binder, allowing you to play ball, rain or shine! This firm and resilient playing surface has virtually no mud or dust, retains flexibility and cushion, and and reduces erosion. Mosinee Youth Baseball’s new Stabilized Infield requires less maintenance, thus allowing them to engage in more competition, recreation, practice, and fun, while minimizing preparations and cancellations.

Is your park overdue for a new infield or warning track? Check out our Hilltopper* and Stabilized options. Working with a low budget? Our Standard Mix works as a great topdressing to existing fields. Kafka Granite’s wide line of ballyard materials are suitable for all budgets…from the little league to the major league! Contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for more information, samples, and pricing.


Hilltopper* is a registered trademark of Stabilizer Solutions. Kafka Granite no longer utilizes Hilltopper* in the composition of their ballfield mixes.