New Home Building Spotlight: The Return of the Cape Cod Style

Custom blend of Gun Metal Marble and Misty Gray Marble Dimensional Cut Thin Stone Veneer, with extra rust tones added.
Custom blend of Gun Metal Marble and Misty Gray Marble Dimensional Cut Thin Stone Veneer, with extra rust tones added.

Easy to find in just about every state in the lower 48, this style is far from niche and extends well beyond Cape Cod, Massachusetts. At Kafka Granite, we are passionate about the beauty and functionality of natural stone as applied throughout a residential or commercial property. We’d be remiss if we didn’t share the ways that natural stone products can pair with the Cape Cod style, especially in a new build or renovation.

About the Style

While the build gets its origin from around 17th century England, Cape Cod style homes rose significantly in popularity in early-to-mid 1900s America. The architecture that was made famous by the little slice of land in Massachusetts found its way into the designs of American suburbia, and the rest is history. Now, the style’s popularity has returned as younger generations of home buyers seek classic original or new builds for their families.

What Makes Up a Cape Cod Home?

There’s much more than a few dimensional or roofing elements that make up the Cape Cod style house. Browse the interior and exterior of a Cape Cod home and you’ll typically find the following features:

  • Side gables
  • Steep roof
  • A centered front door
  • Shuttered windows
  • 1.5 stories
  • Large living spaces with low ceilings
  • Classic colors complemented with whites and grays
  • Building symmetry

These homes are generally low in square footage yet make the most of the available space, which is why they are popular among first-time homebuyers or empty nesters. Also note that while Cape Cod homes share similar features, there have been a few variations in the architecture. These variations are commonly known as Half Cape, Three-quarter Cape, and Full Cape styles.

Natural Stone and Your Cape Cod Home

As it does with just about any build, natural stone has a way of seamlessly integrating with the Cape Cod style. Both interior and exterior stone applications lend well to this architecture, as do a wide array of products. Especially applicable in the Cape Cod vein are natural thin stone veneer and various natural stone hardscapes.

Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Popular for its convenient installation capabilities and lightweight build, natural thin stone veneer is an non-structural alternative form of natural building stone, which has become increasingly popular for its lower shipping costs, simpler installation, and versatility. Natural Thin Stone Veneer is most often used in exterior facades, but due to its lightweight, can also easily be brought inside for accents. Natural Thin Stone Veneer can be installed throughout a Cape Cod style home in applications such as:

  • Exterior facades
  • Outdoor living areas
  • Fireplaces and chimneys
  • Interior accent walls

Where these two elements mesh well is in their classic visuals. A Cape Cod style home will exhibit a lot of rustic charm and strong, earthy elements – making it a perfect match for natural stone. In other words, thin stone veneer will help you achieve the symmetry, subtlety, or even elegance you’re after in your Cape Cod house.

Natural Stone Hardscapes

Perhaps it’s the timeless design of a Cape Cod home, or maybe it’s the style’s simplicity, but more often than not when you search for images of Cape Cod homes, you’ll find these properties filled out with lush gardens and harmonizing natural stone. Possible Natural Stone Hardscapes applications for a Cape Cod house include:

Vast in their applications and hard to beat in beauty and functionality, natural stone hardscapes are an easy choice for bolstering the value of a property and adding depth to your Cape Cod style home.

Kafka Granite – Over 40 Years of Pairing Beauty and Functionality

Whether you’re a contractor working on a new home build or you’re a homeowner kicking around some ideas with your architect while designing your dream Cape Cod, you can trust that natural stone products do more than provide aesthetic appeal. They bring functional practices to an owner’s home that’s been around since humankind first began laying stones for shelter and protection.

At Kafka Granite, we’ve provided stone products that meet the needs of residential and commercial properties for over four decades. Give us a call or reach out online to learn more about how natural stone hardscapes, thin stone veneer, and other stone products will complement a new or existing home or business.

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