Thermal Flagstone

Thermal Flagstone

Thermal Flagstone

Natural Stone Hardscapes

A Premium, Natural Stone Alternative

Kafka Granite’s Thermal Flagstone provides a premium natural stone alternative to manufactured hardscapes. Available either as irregular-edged flagstone or as a repeating pattern of sawn flagstone, each stone has a sawn height with 1/2″ tolerance to cut down on sorting and installation time and virtually eliminate shimming and re-leveling.

Kafka Granite Thermal Flagstone is the perfect option for incorporating a sophisticated look into your hardscape project. Even better, the beauty of natural stone hardscapes now comes with enhanced performance: the top surface of each unit also has a thermal finish to provide additional traction and accentuate the unique character of the natural stone.

Irregular Thermal Flagstone Specifications

Thermal Flagstone Side View

Length: 18″ – 48″ Irregular
Width: 18″ – 48″ Irregular
Thickness: Sawn 1¾” – 2¼” Random
Finish: Thermal Top
Yield: 65 – 80 sq. ft. per ton

Pattern Thermal Flagstone Specifications

Area: 10′ x 10′ Repeating Pattern “A”
Thickness: Sawn 1¾” – 2¼” Random
Finish: Thermal Top
Minimum Order: 100 sq. ft.

Additional custom sizes, quantities, and finishes available upon request.

Flagstone Dimensions Quantity
A 12″ x 12″ 13
B 12″ x 24″ 10
C 24″ x 24″ 10
D 24″ x 36″ 4
E 12″ x 36″ 1

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