New Home Building Spotlight: Pairing Natural Stone with a Modern Farmhouse Style

Galaxy Glitter and Ebony Glitter Thin Stone Veneer, and Starlight Black Granite Sills, Caps, Treads, Thermal Flagstone, Thermal-Top Steps, Hearth Stone, and Mantel.
Galaxy Glitter and Ebony Glitter Thin Stone Veneer, and Starlight Black Granite Sills, Caps, Treads, Thermal Flagstone, Thermal-Top Steps, Hearth Stone, and Mantel.

The modern farmhouse has been a new home trend for the last few years now, and the style shows no signs of slowing down. When you consider the farmhouse style, you likely think of typical features like a large family kitchen, an open and spacious porch, tall windows to fill the home with natural light, and nostalgic aesthetic designs that accentuate the style’s callback to a simpler time. The colors tend to be a simple, more neutral color palette with some natural color accents. And the homes are often built on a stretch of open greenery, providing ample opportunity for outdoor living created by dynamic and complementary natural stone hardscapes.

Architects and homeowners who want to give the modern farmhouse style an extra boost of that classic, yet upscale, appeal can look toward the various uses of natural stone in interior and exterior applications. While complimenting other natural products such as wood beams and shiplap, and providing a break in texture and color, the addition of stone products to your modern farmhouse design is one you won’t regret.

Incorporating Natural Thin Stone Veneer into the Farmhouse

Traditionally many farmhouses incorporated full stone veneer sourced from the surrounding fields. This look can be modernized and simplified with a much easier to install natural thin stone veneer. At less than 15 lbs per square foot, this product can easily ship throughout the country allowing you to source the perfect color and style for your project. It is an excellent choice for complementing the farmhouse style that’s both flexible in its uses and guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Exterior Applications

When it comes to the home’s exterior, thin stone veneer may be used to bring the core organic elements of a farmhouse to the forefront. Thin stone veneer may be applied as the home’s façade feature and installed in lieu of siding or used as an accent for wainscoting or columns. Natural stone provides a beautiful contrast with metal roofs, a staple of the farmhouse style. Additionally, thin stone veneer can be used for a variety of applications around the property, including patios and outdoor kitchens, water features, and more, to tie your property together.

Interior Applications

It is a natural transition to bring the exterior stone selection inside for use in the fireplace or accent walls. With a wide range of cuts and colors available, you can also mix it up and choose a different stone inside to pair with interior design ideas, fixtures, and furniture.

Benefits of Natural Thin Stone Veneer

There are several benefits to thin stone veneer, especially when compared with full bed veneer. Perhaps most significant of its perks: this alternative veneer option may be installed without the need for support ledges or footings, greatly opening up the possibilities of where to take your natural stone accents. While the product is fabricated to be cut thin, which cuts down on transportation and labor costs, it still has the beauty and character of natural stone – which means no two pieces will be identical and the color is through and through. 

Outdoor Living at the Modern Farmhouse

There’s something about natural stone landscape projects that bring out the best in the farmhouse aesthetic. When you have a look at samples of modern designs, you’ll find that many of these homes don’t stop at the porch – outdoor living is an important part of the Modern Farmhouse Style.

Natural stone hardscapes bring unmatched beauty and functionality to landscapes and are perfect for the farmhouse style home. Kafka Granite offers the following hardscape products — available in Starlight Black Granite, Harvest Gold Sandstone, Sierra Granite, and Imperial Gray Granite — to create a showstopping addition to your outdoor living: 

Sawn Cut Drywall

A functional, yet desirable, outdoor oasis at your private residence may benefit from Kafka Granite’s 8” Sawn Cut Drywall. These solid stone retaining wall blocks are sawn to height, which enables a simpler installation and provides a sleek, yet natural, look. Kafka’s Sawn Cut Drywall is sure to add sophistication and elegance to dry stacked walls in your outdoor spaces.

Thermal-Top Steps

If you’re looking for steps with natural character to complement the farmhouse style landscape, look no further than Kafka’s Thermal-Top Steps. With a thermal top finish to provide necessary traction, these steps are a quality investment that will hold up against harsh weather conditions and maintain their integrity for decades. What’s more, while Kafka Thermal-Top Steps are sawn to height for installation efficiency and functionality, they are also rockfaced to accentuate the stone’s natural beauty and character.

Thermal Flagstone

Meander through your garden or enjoy a relaxing evening on your patio with the incorporation of Kafka Granite’s Thermal Flagstone. Available in four colors, Kafka’s Irregular and Pattern Flagstone have sawn heights with a ½” tolerance, which drastically cuts down on the installation time re-leveling. The thermal finish adds much needed traction, but also brings out the stone’s unique character and natural color. Kafka’s Thermal Flagstone is available as irregular shaped flagstone for a truly natural look, or in a sawn pattern option for a more sophisticated presence.

The Details Make the Difference

To truly tie your project together for a show stopping first impression, Kafka Granite also offers a variety of custom natural stone accents and accessories. Finish off your Thin Stone Veneer with a coordinating natural stone sill or cap, or include a natural stone hearth or mantle to take your fireplace to the next level. Kafka’s Natural Stone Sawn Edging can create the perfect border for your garden beds, while our custom cut treads can create a beautiful approach to your front door. With the inclusion of Kafka’s Natural Stone products, you will be welcomed home to a cohesive and enduring design for decades to come. 

Pair Your Farmhouse Style Project with Natural Stone from Kafka Granite

At Kafka, we source our natural stone from quarries throughout North America, and our product line is not limited to the products highlighted here. For over forty years, a wide variety of manufacturers, natural stone suppliers, and contractors have benefited from our quality products in a diverse range of residential and commercial projects. We will work with architects, contractors, and property owners to ensure our product meets the unique specifications that their project demands. Have questions? Give us a call or connect with us online today to learn more about our offerings. 

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