Golf Course Design: Natural Looking, Erosion Resistant Cart Paths

Autumn Blend Wax Polymer Pathway Mix
Autumn Blend Wax Polymer Pathway Mix

There are several factors that can compromise the integrity of a golf course cart path. When using a crushed stone, extreme weather conditions like heavy rain and ice may lead to erosion. Debris left unchecked can accumulate and compromise the quality of the pathway. Even everyday foot and cart traffic has the wear-and-tear potential to negatively affect the path’s visual appeal as well as its functionality. 

Asphalt or concrete paths will combat the issues of mud, dust, and erosion, but at what cost? Hardscape paths often require special equipment or contractors to lay, and never look as good as the day they were first installed. Freeze thaw cycles, tree roots, and wear and tear cause the surface to crack and crumble overtime, resulting in costly patching or replacement. From a design perspective, the inclusion of asphalt or concrete is often obtrusive when surrounded by well manicured greens and softly blowing fescue. 

With the right makeup, however, a crushed stone cart path can combat and prevent these pitfalls. Kafka Granite Wax Polymer Pathway Mix was designed with this in mind: to create a natural looking, easy to install pathway mix that eliminates mud, dust, and erosion. 

Erosion Resistance

Erosion is an enemy of both form and function. The degradation of a golf course cart path shouldn’t be a concern for golfers or a priority for maintenance crews. Unfortunately, oftentimes grounds crews spend valuable hours maintaining crushed stone paths due to erosion due to rainfall, wind, freeze/thaw cycles, or traffic.

Our pathway mixes are designed to create a beautiful, natural looking walking surface that compacts well, but when mixed with our patented wax polymer technology, the combination resists the material degradation that occurs via water in the erosion process. 

No Dust

That’s right, Kafka’s patented Wax Polymer Pathway Mix is dustless; providing a cleaner look while still delivering the natural appeal and feel you’d expect from a golf course’s crushed stone pathway. And it doesn’t get muddy, either, which means a cleaner surface that requires less upkeep than other options. Eliminating mud and dust is a game changer for guest experience, especially when tens of thousands flock for tournament play or other special events.

Natural Look and Feel

Speaking of natural look and feel, nothing beats the look of nature than nature itself. All of our pathway products are made of natural stone, and although they are meticulously blended with an engineered polymeric wax, it was Kafka’s design goal to maintain a natural crushed stone look. When we manufacture our pathway mixes, we do so without compromising the inherent look of these stones. We do not want our product to look like concrete, asphalt, or another hardscape. The goal is to have a natural looking path that is easy to install and maintain. Kafka’s Wax Polymer Pathway Mix blends in seamlessly with a variety of golf course styles. 

Easy Installation 

Kafka’s Wax Polymer Pathway Mix was designed to be easy to install and maintain. No need for special equipment or specially trained contactors; golf courses generally have the tools and skills needed to install the product in-house. Unlike Kafka’s Standard and Stabilized Pathway Mix, the Wax Polymer Pathway Mix requires no water for installation. All that’s required is that you lay the material over your prepared base, level the surface, and compact. The product has no working time or shelf life, which means material can be stockpiled and work can be phased, if needed. Additionally, if there comes a need to access utilities or modify site plans, the material can even be dug up and re-laid if needed!

Adaptability = More Design Possibilities 

Unlike other crushed stone pathway options, wax polymer mixed pathways may be installed at a steeper degree slope without terrain and/or environmental influences compromising the pathway’s integrity. 

What does this mean for a golf course? Well, the design of a golf course becomes less restricted with a more adaptable pathway product. With Kafka’s Wax Polymer Pathway Mix, you can achieve one cohesive, natural looking, and long-lasting solution throughout the entire grounds, regardless of terrain.

Little-to-No Maintenance

When there’s a demand for regular maintenance on a cart path, owners and managers can lose extensive hours of labor (that could be spent elsewhere) and a blow to their bottom line. Wax polymer pathways, however, require little to no maintenance. If an area is damaged or a refresh is desired, a quick scarifying of the surface at 1/8” with a nail drag (exposing fresh underlying material) and a recompaction is generally all that is needed. This maintenance is best performed on a hot sunny day, when the surface is more malleable. 

A Leader in Natural Stone Solutions for Over 40 Years 

Since 1979, Kafka Granite has provided natural stone solutions to manufacturers, architects, and contractors. We harvest our stone from a network of quarries throughout North America and custom produce Central Wisconsin. Kafka Granite may be a new name in the golf industry, but we have a long history of solving problems using natural stone. We are eager to help golf clubs across the country achieve beautiful, low maintenance cart and walking paths. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more.

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