Exterior Renovation for Homeowners: Why You Should Invest in Your Home

Natural Stone Hardscapes

With so much time spent at home in 2020, people are recognizing the areas in need of improvement as well as opportunities to increase the value of their properties. Homeowners are especially keen on sprucing up the external elements of their homes – particularly renovations to landscaping and outdoor living spaces.  

Despite the pandemic, the housing market is still quite active. In fact, by fall of this year, housing prices were up over 11% annually, which is the fastest pace for the housing market in nearly 15 years. If you are considering selling your home at any point in the future, this current market season provides ample reason to invest in exterior renovations.

The Benefits of Hiring A Professional Architect and Contractor

While it may be tempting to try to save a buck and do it yourself—or call up your handyman uncle or sibling—exterior renovations are worth the investment you make when you hire a professional. Many architects and contractors have a well of knowledge from experience. Not only do they know the dos and don’ts, but they will have a better idea of the range of options you will have in renovating. Other benefits include:

  • Renovations made with high standards of quality
  • Acquired experience in project planning
  • Expertise that will help you prevent future issues 
  • A network of resources necessary for the job
  • Niche industry awareness 
  • Your own valuable time saved 

Perhaps most vital to your exterior renovations is the architect and contractor’s vision for your home’s potential. Having another mind, an expert mind that is, to share ideas for your home with will give you a better sense of what will work and ultimately add excitement to the endeavor.

Increase the Value of Your Home with Quality Exterior Updates

A well-designed, appealing exterior will go a long way in providing a great first impression to potential home buyers. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the right landscape design to add upwards of 20% to a property’s value, which could mean additional home pricing in the tens of thousands.

Furthermore, the right renovations and landscaping updates will not only add numbers to your home’s final price tag, but in building something you will be proud to sell, you are also helping the potential new owners feel confident that the property was in good hands.

That said, selecting the right material for your renovations is vital to achieving this goal. When it comes time for you and the expert you hire to start getting down to brass tacks and hammer out the details, know that there are few things that can improve the functionality and aesthetic of exterior renovations quite like natural materials.

Natural Stone Hardscapes and Landscape Stone

Looking to add sophistication and elegance to your property? Updates with natural stone can do wonders for your curb appeal. You could simply amplify the aesthetics of your groundcover with crushed, unique landscape stone, and feature decorative accent pieces with decorative rip rap boulders. And why stop there? Add retaining walls and a staircase using natural stone hardscapes that will bring a unique charm to your property.

Establish an Accent Wall with Thin Stone Veneer

Looking to update your vinyl or brick siding? Few external updates are transformative as an exterior facade made of natural thin stone veneer. Thin stone veneer is lightweight, making renovations simpler than a structural full stone veneer. Due to his lightweight, it is also more cost effective to ship and install than full veneer building stone. Kafka Granite’s thin stone veneer comes in dozens of color and cut options, ranging from contemporary to rustic.

Whatever your project, natural stone not only provides functionality and beauty, but it will stand the test of time.

Update Your Exterior Spaces with Kafka Granite Natural Stone

Between our reputable pathway materials, quality landscape materials, and elegant thin stone veneer, Kafka Granite’s offers a wide variety of natural stone selections for your exterior renovation needs. Since 1979, we have provided quality products to natural stone suppliers and contractors seeking to amplify their product offering and services.

Contact our office today to learn more about how our products will complement your projects.

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