Decorative Rip Rap

Decorative Rip Rap

Decorative Rip Rap

Decorative Rip Rap

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Our rip rap boulders are the perfect size to form unique retaining walls, water features, shorelines or landscape accents. Available in granite or quartzite, we offer more than 10 color options to go with any design or aesthetic appeal your project calls for. These oversized stones are available in assorted sizes, including stones larger than four feet in diameter.

Rip rap is a great solution for any large-scale personal residence project or any project by landscape architects and contractors seeking a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Ranging from bright Ruby Red to stunning Starlight Black and from unique Wintergreen to classic Midnight Blue, explore all of the available colors of rip rap. You won’t be disappointed.

Kafka Granite is known for our crushed stone aggregates available in an incredible color palette, but it’s hard to deny the natural beauty of our cobbles, boulders and rip rap. Contrary to our naturally round, multi-colored Wisconsin Granite Boulders, our Decorative rip rap are raw, large fractured pieces of stone, and are available in several different color options. The true natural hues of our rip rap boulders will complement any shoreline or project requiring the use of oversized beautiful stones.

Give us a call today—our professionals are waiting to help you distribute beautiful rip rap to homeowners, small contractors and landscape architects this season! Or fill out our contact form to get started with our distributor program today.

What’s more is Kafka Granite’s rip rap could earn points for your LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification in a couple of ways. You could gain points for using locally-sourced granite and quartzite if your green project is in or within proximity to Wisconsin. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, “all materials, including wood, sourced or manufactured within 500 miles receive credit in LEED.”

Also, the all-natural, organic quality of our rip rap can earn points for your LEED certification. Your green project can earn LEED certification points by using many of our crushed stone products and aggregates, including our rip rap.

Kafka’s decorative riprap is the ideal solution for any breakwater along shorelines. It’s also an incredible loose-stone solution for retaining walls, accent pieces, man-made waterfalls and nearly any other water feature. Unique decorative rip rap applications can make a statement in your next landscape design.

Anywhere your project calls for large-scale fractured boulders, consider Kafka’s decorative rip rap your solution.

While it may seem like our boulders, cobbles and riprap are one of the same, it’s worth noting their differences. Kafka’s boulders and cobbles are naturally smooth, round granite stones. They’re glacially deposited granite in all of their multicolored glory. They’re only available in the mixed multicolored natural hues – varying between beiges, pinks, blues, grays, and whites.

Kafka Granite’s decorative rip rap, however, is made up of naturally raw fractured boulders. This means that our rip rap can have jagged or pointed edges as opposed to our granite boulders’ smooth, round edges. Our rip rap also comes in more than one naturally occurring color.

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