Glenn Kafka has recently developed a rapidly growing local business in land clearing and shingle recycling. We are happy to announce that this business has now further expanded with the recent acquisition of McDonald Trucking & Wood Recycling of Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

The acquisition will provide Kafka with an additional grinder, trucks, trailers, and equipment in order to better accommodate the demand that he has generated. Kafka will now be able to dedicate one grinder to shingle grinding, while the other will be able to travel throughout the state for land clearing contracts. In addition, Kafka will now service McDonald’s previous customers in the Wisconsin Rapids market.

Kafka Land Clearing clears large parcels of commercial and agricultural land throughout Central Wisconsin. The recycled brush, stumps, and other wood waste is ground for use as wood fiber in Domtar’s Biomass energy plant in Schofield, WI. Kafka’s division of shingle recycling grinds old, tear-off asphalt shingles. The recycled content is then utilized in new asphalt mix for road construction. For more information on either of these services, contact our office!

Kafka Granite Family


As we look forward to the New Year, we also take time to reflect on a successful 2013. In no particular order, the following are the top five moments of 2013 for the Kafka companies:

1) Kafka’s crushing facility is the heart beat of all things Kafka Granite, and it’s now more efficient than ever before. In 2013, Kafka Granite added an additional 2000 horsepower to their crushing facility, which allowed them to add an secondary crushing line. The additional crushing operation will increase production speeds, as the crew is now able to work on more than one job at a time. The added horsepower also allowed the crushing facility to finalize their dust collection system, further eliminating the stone dust emissions in to the air.

2) In the early Spring of 2013, the Kafka’s expanded their umbrella of businesses to include Kafka Biomass, a new entity that was formed after Glenn Kafka had been awarded the contract to provide a remote biomass storage facility for the new Domtar/We Energies 50 megawatt biomass-fueled cogeneration facility in Rothschild, WI. Kafka Biomass is contracted to scale, inventory, store, and deliver between 40,000 and 80,000 tons of clean wood waste each year to support this state-of-the-art alternative energy facility.

3) Also in the Spring of 2013, Kafka Land Clearing came out swinging and this new business venture got a big start. With the addition of a 1000 horsepower horizontal grinder, as well as a variety of trucks, trailers, tractors, and other equipment, Kafka Land Clearing has the capacity to clear large parcels of commercial and agricultural land throughout Central Wisconsin. The company works in conjunction with logging companies in order to remove the stumps and clean up the brush after the timber has been harvested. The waste wood is then ground into fiber for use in Domtar/We Energies Biomass plant.

4) The Kafka businesses foresee potential future expansion, with the additional of a total unique product through a partnership with SoilNet in 2013. Glenn Kafka, owner of Kafka Granite, has been working diligently on bringing an organic water clarifying polymer invented by SoilNet to the marketplace. This highly concentrated polymer can be used to separate pollution from water, with no harmful effects on the natural environment. The product has proved successful in the agricultural industry, but now Kafka is testing the product for use in frac sand mines and manufacturing facilities throughout the Midwest in order to eliminate water pollution in the local ecosystem and minimize waste water.

5) In order to support new business ventures as well as the consistent growth of Kafka Granite, in 2013 the company had made it’s largest expansion in manpower in it’s 34 year history. In the past year Kafka Granite has promoted three previous part-time employees to full-time status, as well as added ten new full-time positions and 4 new part-time or seasonal positions. The Kafka’s take pride in providing jobs in the local community, and are happy to say they now employ a grand total of 36 full time employees and 12 part-time/seasonal employees.

Photo Courtesy of Nature Stone


Kafka Granite supplies Nature Stone Flooring:
With over 40 different colors of stone in countless sizes and varying hardness, Kafka Granite has found themselves providing their aggregate for a wide array of applications where a natural stone is required. Recently, Kafka Granite has begun providing rock for use in epoxy stone flooring. This application provides a practical, yet beautiful, flooring solution for residential, commercial, and outdoor applications.

Nature Stone, the original developer and installer of stone and epoxy flooring, was founded 1989 and has since installed over 12 million square feet. While headquartered in Ohio, the pioneering company now has over 100 dealers throughout North America. Nature Stone’s specially formulated, patent-pending epoxy resin used in conjunction with Kafka Granite results in a flexible, porous, antimicrobial floor perfect for basements, garages, walkways, pool decks, offices, and more! The flexible floor also withstands the freeze/thaw cycle in exterior applications, while providing acoustical benefits interiorly.

Your unsightly concrete floor can be easily transformed to a Nature Stone Floor in just a two-day process. If you’re interested in turning your concrete floor from drab to fab, contact Nature Stone Floors for more information or find a dealer near you!



Kafka Granite throws their 5th Annual Employee Appreciation Celebration: For the last five years, Glenn and Beverly Kafka, owners of Kafka Granite, have expressed their extreme gratitude towards their employees by throwing a summer celebration. This year was no exception, as employees gathered with their friends and families at the Kafka’s lakefront home for some fun in the sun! Glenn’s brother Jim Kafka, owner of Kafka Conveyors & Equipment, and his employees also joined in the celebration. The more the merrier! The festivities included boating, water sports, volleyball, yard games, and plenty of socialization over a tasty dinner of broasted chicken and corn on the cob. The night concluded with a beautiful fireworks display, the highlight for many.

The Kafka’s would like to again thank their employees for years of hard work and dedication. Everybody plays an important role in making Kafka Granite a success, and each role is thoroughly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

Organic-Lock offered by Kafka Granite


Kafka Granite now offers another stabilized pathway option:
Organic-Lock™, the strongest performing Organic Glue on the market, is now offered through Kafka Granite! The patented formula, which is the result of more than 10 years of Agricultural and Geotechnical Science, can be combined with Kafka Granite’s 40+ colors of natural stone and recycled materials, creating one of the most advanced and aesthetically pleasing stabilized pathway material on the market.

In a rainfall simulator study performed to compare erosion resistance between Organic-Lock™ and two leading competitors, after 120 minutes Organic-Lock experienced only 0.9% product loss while the competitors experienced 88.8% and 92.4% product loss. In addition to its permeability and unparalleled ability to resist erosion, Organic-Lock’s self-healing properties make repair and maintenance incredibly simple. Furthermore, with over 40 Kafka Granite colors to choose from, Organic-Lock™ is transformed into a unique and environmentally friendly alternative to hardscape. Kafka Granite’s Organic-Lock™ pathways produce not only a naturally beautiful aesthetic, but an incredibly functional one too!

Kafka Granite is proud to offer a variety of stabilized pathway options in order to provide the most appropriate solution for your next pathway project! If you are interested in learning more about Organic-Lock™ or any of our pathway products, contact one of our Kafka Granite’s sales representatives today!

WHITE IS THE NEW GREEN: White Roof/Cool Roof Epoxy Overlay


Kafka Granite’s White Roof Aggregates help reduce the Heat Island Effect:
Finally! Summertime is here and the sun’s getting hotter. Throughout the nation, temperatures are on the rise. However, did you know that the annual mean air temperature in cities can be 1.8 to 5.4°F warmer than its rural surroundings? According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, this difference can be as drastic as 22°F in the evening. This anomaly, referred to as the heat island effect, is a result of the dry, urban surfaces, including pavement, rooftops, and other infrastructure, that replaces the natural landscape and vegetation as cities are developed. However, there is a solution that can help offset this heat island effect.

Cool roofs are being developed with both a high solar reflectance, or albedo, and a high thermal emittance. Together, these characteristics allow the surface to absorb less heat, keeping the roof up to 60°F cooler than traditional roofing materials. These roofs assist in reducing energy costs, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing human health and comfort due to decreased air temperatures.

While cool roof products have been developing over the last twenty years, Kafka Granite’s White Roof Aggregates are suitable for both new and preexisting roof tops! Kafka Granite specially produces both Crystal White Quartz and Recycled Porcelain aggregates and manufactured sands in a variety of sizes suitable for use in several application techniques of white roof coating. Kafka Granite’s White Roof Aggregates can be quickly and easily applied to any preexisting rooftop using a two-part epoxy. While our Crystal White Quartz is a brighter white, our Recycled Porcelain can help increase the LEED points earned on your project.

Do you want to reduce energy costs, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions in your metropolitan area? Kafka Granite aggregates can help! Contact one of our knowledgable sales representatives to receive more information or to request complimentary samples.

Kafka Land Clearing


With the long and cold winter season finally behind us, Kafka Land Clearing is keeping busy. The Kafka Land Clearing team is traveling throughout Central Wisconsin working in conjunction with loggers to clean up the brush and remove the stumps after the timber has been harvested. Our 1000 horsepower Peterson grinder then finishes the job on-site, diminishing the wood waste into fiber that is then transported to Kafka Biomass for use as fuel in the new Domtar/We Energies Biomass Energy Plant. Finally, Kafka Land Clearing will rake your property, leaving the newly developed farm land ready to harvest crops.

Kafka Land Clearing also performs custom, on-site grinding for paper mills, landfills, city and municipality waste, and more. This recycled wood product may be developed for boiler fuel, mulch, or potting soil.

If you’re looking to take your wood land to crop land, contact Kafka Land Clearing to recycle your stumps and brush and leave your land ready to plow.

Tiffany Kafka


Tiffany Kafka, daughter of Glenn and Beverly Kafka, has joined Kafka Granite as a full time employee. Tiffany has worked as a marketing representative part-time while earning her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. There, Tiffany pursued a double major in Marketing Management and Family Business.

“Gaining hands on work experience while pursuing my degree made for a really unique learning experience. I am privileged and prepared to be a part of a business I have grown so passionate for. I am looking forward to working in conjunction with my family and the Kafka Granite team in order to harvest the company’s great potential,” Tiffany Kafka shared.

Tiffany will be working alongside the Kafka Granite sales team to further strategize the company’s sales and marketing, while also working with her older brother, Chris, to prepare for 2nd generation ownership.

You can contact Tiffany at tiffany@kafkagranite.com.

Welcome to the team, Tiffany!

FEATURED PROJECT: UW-Madison Indoor Softball Practice Facility

Kafka Granite’s Burma Red Hilltopper* Infield Mix has been the premier choice for many major colleges throughout the US including Northwestern University, The University of Notre Dame, The University of Michigan, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, The University of Iowa, and many more. However, last fall, Kafka Granite was finally able to sell Burma Red Hilltopper* in their home state, providing the material for the University of Wisconsin-Madison softball field. The Badgers were so happy with their new infield, that they decided to take the product indoors. This month, Kafka Granite Burma Red Hilltopper* Infield Mix was installed at their brand new, state-of-the-art indoor practice facility.

Hilltopper* is a water-shedding polymer developed by Stabilizer Solutions. When Hilltopper* is combined with our Standard Burma Red Infield Mix, it yields a beautiful field that is waterless, dustless, and completely free of mud, therefore minimizing maintenance. Kafka Granite Burma Red Hilltopper* allows the Badger Girls to complete rain or shine on their outdoor field, while also offering the same firm and resilient playing surface for indoor practices.

To learn how Burma Red Hilltopper* Infield Mix can help you create a field that is both stunning and practical, contact one of our knowledgable sales representatives today!


Hilltopper* is a registered trademark of Stabilizer Solutions. Kafka Granite no longer utilizes Hilltopper* in the composition of their ballfield mixes.


30 YEARSOn Tuesday, April 16th, Glenn and Beverly Kafka celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary. If it wasn’t for their union, Kafka Granite would not be the successful family owned and operated business it is today.

Soon after her boyfriend had started his own business in 1979, Beverly Starzinski switched her course of study from fashion merchandising to business administration, in hopes that her skills could be supplemental to Glenn’s new start-up. On the weekends and during the summer, Bev would often come home from college and help Glenn work in his new decomposed granite pit. The day Beverly graduated from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Glenn had proposed. Less than one year later, on April 16th, 1983, they were married in Glenn’s hometown of Stratford, Wisconsin.

Beverly was one of Glenn’s first employees, and she soon learned that marrying an entrepreneur wasn’t a very lavish lifestyle. Every morning before the sun came up, Glenn and Beverly would head to work. While Glenn was off bidding road jobs and searching for new raw material, Bev would load trucks in the quarry and do paperwork from her car. Early on, Beverly has memories of standing on the crusher on Easter Sunday. Nearly everyday for about 7 years, Beverly would come home with dusty, dirty hair and without a paycheck, all in hope that her husband’s new business could someday be a success.

As the company grew, Bev was soon able to secure an office job, where she managed all of Kafka Granite’s administrative functions. In conjunction with the growth of the company, Beverly’s responsibility has increased significantly. Although she is often behind the scenes, her strong character and work ethic have been instrumental in building the company to what it is today.

While growing a successful small business, Glenn and Beverly also raised two children: Christopher, 26, and Tiffany, 21. With their parents’ support and guidance, Chris and Tiffany have both found passion in the business, and are actively involved. Kafka Granite is positioning itself to continue into the next generation.

Congratulations on 30 years, Glenn and Beverly!

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