Wisconsin Salt Solutions provides anti-icing and de-icing products: With winter upon us, tis the season that counties and municipalities throughout Wisconsin turn to Wisconsin Salt Solutions to keep their roads free of snow and ice. Wisconsin Salt Solutions is a division of Kafka Granite‘s sister company, Kafka DustBuster Plus. Wisconsin Salt Solutions provides both liquid Calcium Chloride and liquid Magnesium Chloride, which can be applied either before a winter storm in order to prevent ice, or after the storm in order to expedite the melting process. These products will melt snow and ice at a temperature as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, by adding 20% IceBite (a de-sugared sugar beat molasses) to the solution, the melting process is even more efficient. With the addition of IceBite, the melting point drops significantly to well below 0 degrees. Due to IceBite‘s residual effect, the product stays on the road longer, decreasing additional applications. This product also assists in breaking the bond between the road surface and the ice/snow, making plowing easier and more efficient. Finally, this organic and environmentally friendly product is a natural corrosion inhibitor. With the addition of IceBite, corrosion is reduced by 50-60%, preventing rust on vehicles and metal in bridges.

These products are available in 4,500 gallon tankers or 250 gallon totes. Are you interested in improving the winter driving conditions of your roads? Contact John Meyer for more information.

Kafka Granite Family


On behalf of Kafka Granite, we would like to thank you for your continued support of our family business. We wish you a very happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

–Glenn, Beverly, Chris, and Tiffany Kafka


glenn-kafka-gears-upOwner of Kafka Granite serves as co-owner, crew chief, and sponsor to pro snowmobile team: When the snow falls, Glenn Kafka, owner of Kafka Granite, fuels his other passion: snowmobile racing. While Glenn had started becoming involved in snowmobile racing in the 1980s for fun, it has since evolved into another business venture. Glenn Kafka spent a decade serving as crew chief on the premiere grass drag racing team in the 90s, and another ten years helping his son, Chris Kafka, rise through the ranks of snocross racing. Today, he serves as co-owner and crew chief to Team LaVallee, a professional snocross and freestyle snowmobile team. Glenn’s business partner, Levi LaVallee, is a Pro National Snocross Champion, a 4-time Winter X-Games Gold Medalist, the first person to attempt a double backflip on a snowmobile, and the world distance jump holder at 412′ feet.

Now, Glenn Kafka and the team are preparing for their fourth season together. Levi LaVallee and Kyle Pallin will be racing in the professional ranks, while Jake Scott competes in the Pro Lites division. The team will follow the International Series of Champions (ISOC) Circuit to nine US cities throughout the 2012-13 season, as well as compete in the 2013 Winter X-Games in Aspen, Colorado. The first race will be held November 23-25 at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minnesota. You can follow Team LaVallee on Facebook and Twitter, or see Glenn and the team in action at a race near you!

Kafka Granite sponsors Team LaVallee, along with Mystik Lubricants, Loctite, Polaris, Parts Unlimited, Fox Shox, Earth, Inc., Woody’s, Kafka Conveyors, and Stratford Sign Company.

In addition, Kafka Granite, Kafka Conveyors, River Valley Bank, and Stratford Sign Company will be sponsoring Chris Kafka, Glenn’s son, as he comes out of retirement to compete in the Midwest ISOC races as an independent Pro Lites rider.



Kafka Granite participates in relief efforts: With thousands of homes destroyed due to Hurricane Sandy, families throughout the East Coast were left with little to nothing. Like many communities, Mosinee, Wisconsin joined the efforts to provide aid to these fellow Americans in need. The Mosinee Area Action Committee organized a relief effort, and Kafka Granite was part of the action. The goal? To send a 53-foot semi trailer filled with donated goods to New Jersey. Kafka Granite volunteered to serve as a drop off location.

Throughout the weeks following Hurricane Sandy, families, church groups, businesses, and organizations from the Mosinee area dropped off new and gently used items at Kafka Granite. Our employees joined the relief effort, as many of them came to work with donated goods. By Friday, November 16, Kafka Granite’s storage space was piled high with non-perishable food, blankets, clothing, diapers, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and other items. Volunteers then packed up the goods and filled a 53-foot semi trailer, which left the following Sunday for New Jersey. Roehl Transport of Marshfield, Wisconsin donated the truck, driver, and fuel expenses. The donations will be delivered to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, a subsidiary of Feeding America. The donations will then be distributed among 17 food pantries in some of the most devastated areas of New Jersey.

Kafka Granite encourages you to join the relief efforts and find a drop off location in your community!



Kafka Granite aggregate reduces accidents: If you have driven on an overpass in Wisconsin, chances are you’ve driven on Kafka Granite. Kafka Granite has supplied aggregate for high friction surfacing throughout the United States, including hundreds of bridge decks in Wisconsin. With winter approaching, this application will dramatically cut down on accidents that occur on overpasses.

During the winter season, bridge decks become particularly slippery as cold from underneath allows for quicker freezing. However, high friction surfacing greatly increases traction, keeping vehicles on the road and drivers safe. In addition, the aggregate used in this application helps trap road salt, making the deicing process more efficient and effective.

Kafka Granite’s aggregate is manufactured to meet Department of Transportation specifications for Wisconsin and several other states. The aggregate is applied quickly and easily as an epoxy overlay. After the existing bridge deck has been thoroughly cleaned, a two-part epoxy is spread evenly on the surface. Next, the aggregate is dispersed over the epoxy. Once the stone has set, the excess is swept away and can be reused. In addition to bridge decks, our epoxy overlay aggregates have been utilized for exit/entrance ramps, curves, crosswalks, pedestrian walkways and more.

Interested in using Kafka Granite’s high friction surfacing aggregate to make your roads safer? Contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for more information, samples and pricing!

Got Wood? Kafka Land Clearing


Have you seen our new billboard yet? For those of you haven’t been able to spot it while heading southbound on I-39 near exit 179, we thought you might enjoy seeing it!

Kafka Granite now offers land clearing and wood grinding services! With the addition of our 1000hp Peterson Horizontal Grinder on Tracks, Kafka Granite can now grind and recycle stumps, brush, and other wood debris. Custom grinding for paper mills, land fills, farmers, city and municipality waste, and more is also available. Got wood? Kafka Granite is now stumpin’ and grindin’! Contact us for more information!

Green Community - Kafka Granite


Kafka Granite Partners with Eco Village: In the Spring of 2012, St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity broke ground on Eco Village, an energy independent, affordable housing community located in River Falls, WI. When completed, the Eco Village will have 18 units and is expected to be the largest net-zero project in the nation, meaning it will produce more energy than it consumes. With an array of environmentally friendly products, Kafka Granite has partnered with Eco Village to help create a beautiful and sustainable landscape.

Eco Village will be utilizing both Permeable Paver Grit and Standard and/or Stabilized Pathway Mix for the driveways, boulevards, sidewalks, and walking trails. The permeability of both products will significantly help Eco Village control storm water run-off, while creating a natural and aesthetically pleasing environment. Kafka Granite is excited to be a part of this efficient, ecological, state-of-the-art, and affordable community housing project. We will be following this project as it progresses, so say stay tuned for future updates!

To learn more about Eco Village, check out the St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity website or read this article featured in The LA Times. Want to become involved in this project? Learn how you can donate materials or volunteer your skills.

Want to learn more about Permeable Paver Grit, Standard and Stabilized Pathway Mix, or Kafka Granite‘s other environmentally friendly products for your next LEED certified project? Contact one of our knowledgable sales representatives for more information!

Work Hard Play Hard - Kafka Granite


Kafka Granite challenges Kafka Conveyors to golf scramble: On a brisk September Saturday, the employees at Kafka Granite teed up for a round of golf, some drinks, and a whole lot of fun. Kafka Granite joined Kafka Conveyors & Equipment (owned by Glenn Kafka‘s brother, Jim) for the first ever Kafka Granite vs Kafka Conveyors Employee Golf Scramble.

The teams golfed 9 holes, at local Mystique Meadows Golf Course. After receiving a multitude of generous prize donations, the employees were able to compete for shortest putt, longest drive, and other fun competitions. After the golf tournament, the entire group gathered at Edwin Memorial Lanes, a nearby bar and restaurant, for a steak dinner.

We are grateful to have such a hardworking group of employees that share our core values. As a family owned and operated business, we enjoy gathering our employees and their families for some fun. We look forward to making the Kafka Granite vs. Kafka Conveyors Employee Golf Scramble an annual event.

Thank you, Kafka employees.

Burma Red Stabilized Infield - Mosinee, WI


Late this summer, Kafka Granite showed it’s support of their new home of Mosinee, Wisconsin in a big way. While other community baseball and softball organizations were raising big money with plans to build a brand new complex, Mosinee Youth Baseball was happy they finally had enough money to update an outdated scoreboard. When Kafka Granite heard of the Youth Baseball League’s need for an updated field, we stepped up to the plate.

Kafka Granite donated enough Burma Red Stabilized Infield Mix for Mosinee Youth Baseball to redo their entire field. Mosinee Youth Baseball was even more thrilled when they learned this isn’t your average infield mix. Kafka Granite’s Stabilized Infield Mix combines the superior drainage characteristics of our Standard Infield Mix with Stabilizer Organic Binder, allowing you to play ball, rain or shine! This firm and resilient playing surface has virtually no mud or dust, retains flexibility and cushion, and and reduces erosion. Mosinee Youth Baseball’s new Stabilized Infield requires less maintenance, thus allowing them to engage in more competition, recreation, practice, and fun, while minimizing preparations and cancellations.

Is your park overdue for a new infield or warning track? Check out our Hilltopper* and Stabilized options. Working with a low budget? Our Standard Mix works as a great topdressing to existing fields. Kafka Granite’s wide line of ballyard materials are suitable for all budgets…from the little league to the major league! Contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for more information, samples, and pricing.


Hilltopper* is a registered trademark of Stabilizer Solutions. Kafka Granite no longer utilizes Hilltopper* in the composition of their ballfield mixes.


Kafka Supports the TroopsKafka Granite Helps Send Packages to Afghanistan: It all started when Military Mom, Betty Blume of Marathon, WI, started sending care packages to her son in Afghanistan. After learning more about the harsh conditions that her son was living in, she also thought of all the other troops throughout Afghanistan and decided to spread the love. By organizing an offering during mass at her local parish, Betty raised more than $2,300 in initial donations…and she isn’t stopping there.

With Betty being the owner’s sister, and her husband, Larry, being Kafka Granite’s head mechanic for over 25 years, Kafka Granite was well aware of the Blume’s efforts. Kafka Granite has made the commitment to cover the cost of each care package sent to various troops throughout Afghanistan…and we don’t plan on stopping either.

As long as Betty is receiving donations for this cause, we will be shipping boxes. We encourage you to join us! Read Betty’s full story, and contact us to learn how to make a donation!