Kafka Granite Headquarters


Kafka Granite has a new headquarters! After outgrowing the old office years ago, the office staff at Kafka Granite has finally made the move to a new–and much more spacious–office building. With more workspace, new technology, better organization, and room for expansion, we are more efficient than ever before! We hope that this move has a positive impact on all of our customers.

As of April 6, 2012, Kafka Granite’s new mailing and shipping address is 550 E Hwy 153, Mosinee, WI 54455.

Kafka Shingle Recycling

Recycling Services Now Available

With the addition of a Peterson 6710B Track Mounted Horizontal Grinder…Kafka Granite now offers recycling services!

We are now able to grind and recycle ashpalt shingles…at a cost of only $20 per ton! This 1000hp machine is capable of grinding large volumes at very high production rates. The recycled content can be added to new asphalt mix for road construction. The shingles must be asbestos free with no tin or other debris. However, tarpaper and nails are acceptable. Are you a contractor? Special rates and terms apply! Drop your shingles at 2200 Hwy 107, Mosinee, or contact us for more details.

Kafka Granite also offers land clearing services for stump and brush removal. Custom grinding is also available for paper mills, land fills, farmers, city and municipality waste, etc. This recycled material may be utilized for boiler fuel, mulch, or potting soil. Contact us for wood grinding and land clearing details.


Is your pile too large to transport? Kafka Granite’s Peterson grinder will come to you! Large volume shingle and wood grinding services are available on your site location, anywhere throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Join us in the Green Initiative! Recycle your asphalt shingles and wood debris with Kafka Granite!


Kafka Granite Owner Glenn Kafka visits Troops in the Middle East

In 2009 Glenn Kafka, owner of Kafka Granite and long-time snowmobile racing tuner/crew chief, teamed up with Snocross & Freestyle Rider/X-Games Gold Medalist Levi LaVallee and together started Team LaVallee. With these two snowmobile racing powerhouses at the helm the team went on to successfully be one of Polaris Industries top racing and freestyle snocross teams. 

The duo, along with Pro Adaptive racer Mike Schultz, departed July 6th with a tour that is part of the Armed Forces Entertainment. The trip starts in Germany at the Wounded Warrior Wing of the Army Hospital Landstuhl. From there the guys will travel to undisclosed bases throughout the Middle East. They will place ESPN XGames Medals around the necks of the service members, have meet and greets and share stories of their success and accomplishments.
“This is a huge opportunity for me to go over and high-five the troops for all the things they do for us. It’s going to be an awesome experience!” states, LaVallee.
“These men and women are working on billion dollar aircraft in the direct sun with temp’s north of 120 degrees for hours on end, turning wrenches, checking specifications, doing everything necessary to make the planes ready to fly, it’s so damn humbling to see their greatness on display” said Kafka ” Meeting these heroes of behind the scenes work today just put into perspective the entire XHeavy Medal Tour for me, Robi Powers told me about all the work our servicemen are doing over here in extreme conditions, today I got to see it being done up close and personal”



Rocks of Opportunity

Rocks of Opportunity

Company’s aggregate used in skyscrapers, streets, and baseball fields nationwide

Glenn Kafka, owner of Kafka Granite LLC, Stratford, stands among a pile of broken toilets that will be crushed and used for tile. The one-time ditch digger is today one of the largest suppliers of decorative aggregate in the nation.

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By Kathi Bloy

Some people turn their dreams into businesses. Glenn Kafka, 52, turned Kafka Granite of Stratford into a dream. Where some people only saw a rock, he found opportunity.

In 1979, at age 20, Kafka bought a rubber-tired backhoe and began digging drainage ditches for area farmers. Today, he’s one of the largest suppliers of decorative aggregate in the nation.

The company can match any color of precast concrete. Its exposed aggregate is used in concrete parking ramps, granite-clad buildings and skyscrapers. New York City has used a blend of Kafka’s specialty aggregates to beautify its streets and sidewalks, including Times Square.

Tack & Trail, a stone mix, is used to pave hiking trails and sold to golf courses, park and recreation departments, as well as to distributors. Kafka also supplies aggregate for quartz countertops and flooring.
Its product is used in baseball infields and warning tracks nationwide, including most Midwest colleges, as well as by the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees.

Ahead of its time, Kafka Granite has long produced green products that appeal to architects for LEED points they earn by using sustainable materials.

One of Kafka Granite’s first customers for decorative stone aggregate was Wausau Tile. The companies later formed a joint venture with Kohler Co., recycling porcelain from reject toilets and sinks. Kafka crushes the materials and Wausau Tile uses the aggregate to manufacture terrazzo tile and other products.

Kafka also is the exclusive Midwest distributor of thin stone veneer products made by Norstone, a family-owned business in Vietnam.

In addition to stone products, Kafka Granite’s subsidiary, Wisconsin Salt Solutions, distributes additives that are mixed with salt to make it more effective for ice control. Kafka’s company has exclusive rights to distribute the products in Wisconsin. Kafka also manages Team LaVallee, a professional snocross team for Polaris Racing, which he co-owns with seven-time Winter X Games medallist Levi LaVallee.

Kafka’s dream business began while sitting around the fire one night when a neighbor offered to sell the family granite pit. Kafka thought, “Why not?” Instead of simply digging holes, he could sell what he dug up.

For two years, Kafka sold decomposed rotten granite, a popular road-building material, to towns, counties, and local contractors. Then he struck a field of huge boulders.

“When I’d get to these big dinosaur eggs, I had nowhere to go,” he said. “Some areas were so heavy with them; I was running out of granite. We’d have 10 to 20 trucks in the morning sitting at the gate ready to get loaded, and if I didn’t have granite to put on the trucks … it was three strikes and you’re out.”

Kafka recalled being a 21-year-old, “standing there with tears in my eyes, not knowing what I’m going to do the next day.”

Hiring technicians to blast through the rock, Kafka found a dazzling orange stone inside that sparkled in the sun. “I should crush that,” he said of the aggregate now called Dynamite Orange.

“One thing lead to another,” Kafka said. “Today we crush about 40 different aggregates. With blended aggregates and recycles, we have about 60 different colors.”

Kafka also delivers landscape rock. And while that market is seasonal, others keep Kafka busy year-round.

Kafka granite owns or leases quarries in a number of states. In Canada, rare white quartz is used in roofs made of stone and epoxy aggregates.

Kafka’s 20-25 employees produce, sell, and distribute to markets throughout the Midwest.

A family-owned business, Kafka’s wife, Beverly, spent her early married years in the granite pit tracking and loading trucks while her husband was on the road bidding jobs, looking for raw materials and searching for product ideas.

Their 23-year-old son, Chris, retired from snocross recently to learn the business. He will eventually oversee all the outside quarries and daily production at the main plant.

Daughter Tiffany, a 19-year-old student at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., is majoring in marketing. Eventually, she will take over the office and sales and marketing management at Kafka Granite LLC.

Kafka Granite introduces rail-served distribution yard in Joliet, IL

Kafka Granite is commited to providing the best customer service possible. In order to better serve our customers in the Chicagoland area, we’ve opened a rail served distribution yard in Joliet, IL. This facility is stocked with a variety of our popular landscape stone and boulders, and is also the main distribution center in the midwest for our newest offering, Norstone Natural Stone Products.

We have also entered a long term lease of the rail cars used to bring material to the Joliet distribution yard.This ensures rail car availability so that we can keep the supply of materials at the Joliet yard at the right quantities depending on the demand of the Chicago market.

For more information on the availability of any of our products, please contact our sales department:

Kafka Granite Sales: 800-852-7415 or email kafka@kafkagranite.com