Harvest Gold Sandstone Sawn Cut Drywall and Caps

Why Kafka’s Natural Stone Hardscapes Should Be Your Go-To Choice for Exterior Projects

Landscape projects can bring out the best in a property, and natural stone hardscapes are the perfect choice for a lifetime of durability and beauty. The right application of natural stone will help owners better define their landscape, highlight the attractive elements of a garden or living space, and provide sturdy, skid-resistant walkways and patios. The ideal outdoor setup will include all these elements and more, as each individual stone hardscape application may be complementary to the next.

Kafka Granite has supplied natural stone products to contractors and businesses for over 40 years. We’ve put together this post to give you a close-up look at why our Natural Stone Hardscapes should be your first choice for outdoor needs.

A Quality Perfected by Nature

We source our natural stone from quarries throughout North America, with the majority coming from our home state of Wisconsin. The beauty of using natural stone hardscapes is that there’s no need to concern yourself with factors like longevity and durability.

Where faux stone or alternative material options may wear out and lose their charm, natural stone lives on. Granite and quartzite also have an inherent resistance to abrasion, thanks to their hardness – so, less wear and tear from weather and foot traffic. In other words, stone stairs or retaining walls are sure to retain their integrity for years to come, possibly even saving you money in the long run.

Functional Designs with You in Mind

Whether we’re talking landscape updates, outdoor living renovations, or expanding on a new build, there are numerous ways natural stone may be applied to add functionality to commercial and residential properties.

Take, for example, our sawn thermal-top stone steps. These slabs embody the spirit of our natural stone hardscape selection in that they come with all the benefits you would want out of your hardscape selections.

Their sawn heights make for easy stacking and installation (we recommend always using a professional for installation), and the thermal surface provides skid-resistance to help prevent slips by property owners and their guests.

Unmatched Beauty

Natural stone products make a long-term difference both in curb appeal and in owner satisfaction. After all, especially with commercial projects, these applications will be gazed upon daily – all the more reason to go with natural stone hardscapes rather than manufactured stone.

Because natural stone color is through and through, the product’s color will not wear, weather or fade like manufactured products. And these natural colors are unique; their identity is a testament to the geological formations that surrounded them. In other words, each piece of natural stone comes with its own story and their hue helps to tell it.

At Kafka Granite, our natural stone hardscapes come in four classic colors, all of which stand to provide a property with complementary elegance. From sleek, strong Imperial Gray to the warm tone of Harvest Gold, you’re sure to find the color you need to bring out the beauty of the property.

What Makes Our Product Special?

We put a lot of consideration into our hardscapes, especially when it comes to simplifying installation. Our sawn cut drywall, for example, is built with efficiency in mind. Where products like outcropping stone require extra time and care to stack and level—due to unlevel surfaces and inconsistent heights—Kafka’s sawn cut drywall has sawn heights designed to streamline the installation process.

Other natural stone hardscape products include our treads, caps, and coping which can add a finishing touch to your outdoor living project. We also offer sawn edging designed for convenient installation in landscape and pathway endeavors.

Kafka Granite – Providing Quality Natural Stone Since 1979

We pride ourselves on providing solutions that adhere to your project demands. From major commercial builds to residential renovations, we offer an extensive catalog of natural stone products that meet a variety of specs and situational needs. 

Connect with us today to learn more about the benefits of natural stone hardscapes, to request a quote, or to receive a sample.

Custom blend of Gun Metal Marble and Misty Gray Marble Dimensional Cut Thin Stone Veneer, with extra rust tones added.

New Home Building Spotlight: The Return of the Cape Cod Style

Easy to find in just about every state in the lower 48, this style is far from niche and extends well beyond Cape Cod, Massachusetts. At Kafka Granite, we are passionate about the beauty and functionality of natural stone as applied throughout a residential or commercial property. We’d be remiss if we didn’t share the ways that natural stone products can pair with the Cape Cod style, especially in a new build or renovation.

About the Style

While the build gets its origin from around 17th century England, Cape Cod style homes rose significantly in popularity in early-to-mid 1900s America. The architecture that was made famous by the little slice of land in Massachusetts found its way into the designs of American suburbia, and the rest is history. Now, the style’s popularity has returned as younger generations of home buyers seek classic original or new builds for their families.

What Makes Up a Cape Cod Home?

There’s much more than a few dimensional or roofing elements that make up the Cape Cod style house. Browse the interior and exterior of a Cape Cod home and you’ll typically find the following features:

  • Side gables
  • Steep roof
  • A centered front door
  • Shuttered windows
  • 1.5 stories
  • Large living spaces with low ceilings
  • Classic colors complemented with whites and grays
  • Building symmetry

These homes are generally low in square footage yet make the most of the available space, which is why they are popular among first-time homebuyers or empty nesters. Also note that while Cape Cod homes share similar features, there have been a few variations in the architecture. These variations are commonly known as Half Cape, Three-quarter Cape, and Full Cape styles.

Natural Stone and Your Cape Cod Home

As it does with just about any build, natural stone has a way of seamlessly integrating with the Cape Cod style. Both interior and exterior stone applications lend well to this architecture, as do a wide array of products. Especially applicable in the Cape Cod vein are natural thin stone veneer and various natural stone hardscapes.

Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Popular for its convenient installation capabilities and lightweight build, natural thin stone veneer is an non-structural alternative form of natural building stone, which has become increasingly popular for its lower shipping costs, simpler installation, and versatility. Natural Thin Stone Veneer is most often used in exterior facades, but due to its lightweight, can also easily be brought inside for accents. Natural Thin Stone Veneer can be installed throughout a Cape Cod style home in applications such as:

  • Exterior facades
  • Outdoor living areas
  • Fireplaces and chimneys
  • Interior accent walls

Where these two elements mesh well is in their classic visuals. A Cape Cod style home will exhibit a lot of rustic charm and strong, earthy elements – making it a perfect match for natural stone. In other words, thin stone veneer will help you achieve the symmetry, subtlety, or even elegance you’re after in your Cape Cod house.

Natural Stone Hardscapes

Perhaps it’s the timeless design of a Cape Cod home, or maybe it’s the style’s simplicity, but more often than not when you search for images of Cape Cod homes, you’ll find these properties filled out with lush gardens and harmonizing natural stone. Possible Natural Stone Hardscapes applications for a Cape Cod house include:

Vast in their applications and hard to beat in beauty and functionality, natural stone hardscapes are an easy choice for bolstering the value of a property and adding depth to your Cape Cod style home.

Kafka Granite – Over 40 Years of Pairing Beauty and Functionality

Whether you’re a contractor working on a new home build or you’re a homeowner kicking around some ideas with your architect while designing your dream Cape Cod, you can trust that natural stone products do more than provide aesthetic appeal. They bring functional practices to an owner’s home that’s been around since humankind first began laying stones for shelter and protection.

At Kafka Granite, we’ve provided stone products that meet the needs of residential and commercial properties for over four decades. Give us a call or reach out online to learn more about how natural stone hardscapes, thin stone veneer, and other stone products will complement a new or existing home or business.

Platinum Stabilized Pathway Mix

Great Landscaping Ideas: Different Ways to Edge Your Decomposed Granite Paths

When it comes to your landscaping, the possibilities run as far as your imagination can. Whether you’re planning an entire landscape overhaul or simply want to improve upon existing landscape architecture, Kafka Granite can help with inspiration and the ideal materials for your project. One of our specialties is our broad variety of pathway materials. When creating a decomposed granite pathway, choosing your route, width, material, and color are only a few things to consider. 

Another element that will affect the overall look of your pathway is the edging. Luckily, there are several different viable options available. From blending into the natural surroundings to creating clean, crisp lines, choosing the proper edging for your project will help keep your pathway design looking sharp for years to come.

Why Would You Want Edging for Your Pathway?

There are many reasons why edging your pathway is not just an additional design element, but is actually a very functional feature. Aesthetically, edging your decomposed granite pathway will give it more structure and a finished look instead of a more natural, irregular edge. If you have an especially winding pathway, edging provides a crisper curve, especially when using metal edging. And natural stone edging delivers a distinct transition between your pathway and the surrounding landscape.

While edging will help your pathway’s structure look more distinct, it will also help keep everything in place. When you construct a decomposed granite pathway, although compacted, the top layer of stone is meant to be a loose, natural layer. Some of the loose aggregate may migrate with heavy foot traffic or natural causes such as wind and rain. While some clients are okay with this natural migration, others may want to prevent the loose top layer of pathway material from shifting to the surrounding landscape.

That’s the beauty in edging options – whether a nature path through a forest or a well manicured courtyard, your edging can play a significant role in the design. Edging just may take your path from natural to sophisticated, or anywhere in between, depending on your client’s preferences.

Imperial Gray Granite Sawn Edging

Natural Stone Sawn Edging

The beauty of Natural Stone Sawn Edging is that it is also produced by Kafka Granite, so you can easily coordinate the edging with your Kafka Granite Pathway Mix.  Sawn to consistent 4” heights, Sawn Edging stone is cut to create a distinct, cohesive aesthetic alongside pathways and gardens. Married well with our stone hardscape selections, this border stone also comes in three sophisticated colors and may be easily matched with a wide range of styles. 

Your client’s vision, whether they’re looking for professional aesthetics on a commercial property or a welcoming border on a residential pathway, is one step closer to fruition with the right stone edging. Kafka’s Sawn Edging is a great choice to help get them there.

Midnight Blue Stabilized Pathway Mix

Natural Edging

Natural edging is a good choice when your landscape design calls for a more rustic solution. While there isn’t a definitive barrier between the pathway material and the surrounding area, keeping a natural edge with clear delineation between the pathway and its surroundings is possible. It’s important to consider your environment when you go with a natural edge. A wooded surrounding, for example, may be a better suited area for this edge should some of the pathway material scatter.

Botticino Stabilized Pathway Mix

Grass Sod Edging

Using grass sod as your pathway’s edging material is a popular option if your goal is to maintain a natural look, but want the path surrounded by a manicured lawn. It’s a great looking edging alternative that butts pathways right up to the grass.

Stabilized Pathway Mix Brooklyn Bridge

Cobble/Boulder Edging

When you’re looking to strike the perfect balance between structure and nature, Kafka’s cobbles could be your ideal solution. Available from smaller sized solutions, 3- to 6-inch cobbles, to large boulders, you have a variety of options to suit the needs and scale of your pathway. If your project is being built into a natural environment—a pathway through a park, a woodsy clearing, or other natural terrain—using cobbles as edging could be just the right transition from pathway to nature’s surroundings while keeping people on the right track.

The mix of materials also creates visual interest. If looking to create more of a barrier between pathway and surroundings, consider larger boulders. They will create a clear demarcation of the pathway while appearing less obtrusive and restrictive than a fence would, for example.

Pathway Standard MCC

Paver Edging

These manufactured concrete pavers are built to connect with one another so that installation is relatively easy and foolproof. Depending on the product you choose, this landscape edging option can be a great budget-friendly option, or offer a high-end decorative finish. While manufactured pavers add a great texture and natural feel to a space, it isn’t as rustic as natural granite cobbles or sawn stone edging.

These stones are also a more substantial and durable option to cheap plastic edging. Be aware that bricks and pavers are not all made equally – and both the decorative finish and durability will be reflected in the quality of product used. If you’re hoping to maintain the curvature and cleanliness of your pathway with a neat stone solution, pavers could be the best choice for you.

Rustic Stabilized Pathway Mix

Metal Edging

When your landscape architecture calls for crisp, precise lines and superior aggregate control, metal edging may be your best option. Typically either steel or aluminum, metal edging will hold its shape and its versatility enables you to create any radius you need when it comes to garden beds or pathway curvature. With its strength, metal edging won’t crack in the cold, shift with maintenance, or erode over time.

How to Find the Perfect Pathway Edging for You

Before starting your pathway project, figure out how much edging you’ll need. And as always, consider your budget and desired finish.

If you are looking for a natural stone solution that will blend seamlessly with your decomposed granite pathway material, Kafka’s Natural Stone Sawn Edging is a great choice and we’d be happy to chat with you about the options! When it comes to landscape architecture and creating a sidewalk, courtyard, or natural trail within your environment, our variety of pathway solutions may be just what you’re looking for. We’d be happy to send you free samples and help you determine how much product is necessary for your area.

So think beyond the basic options of color, material, width, and route. The often overlooked detail in pathways – the right edging –  may add that perfect finishing touch on your next pathway project.

Galaxy Glitter and Ebony Glitter Thin Stone Veneer, and Starlight Black Granite Sills, Caps, Treads, Thermal Flagstone, Thermal-Top Steps, Hearth Stone, and Mantel.

New Home Building Spotlight: Pairing Natural Stone with a Modern Farmhouse Style

The modern farmhouse has been a new home trend for the last few years now, and the style shows no signs of slowing down. When you consider the farmhouse style, you likely think of typical features like a large family kitchen, an open and spacious porch, tall windows to fill the home with natural light, and nostalgic aesthetic designs that accentuate the style’s callback to a simpler time. The colors tend to be a simple, more neutral color palette with some natural color accents. And the homes are often built on a stretch of open greenery, providing ample opportunity for outdoor living created by dynamic and complementary natural stone hardscapes.

Architects and homeowners who want to give the modern farmhouse style an extra boost of that classic, yet upscale, appeal can look toward the various uses of natural stone in interior and exterior applications. While complimenting other natural products such as wood beams and shiplap, and providing a break in texture and color, the addition of stone products to your modern farmhouse design is one you won’t regret.

Incorporating Natural Thin Stone Veneer into the Farmhouse

Traditionally many farmhouses incorporated full stone veneer sourced from the surrounding fields. This look can be modernized and simplified with a much easier to install natural thin stone veneer. At less than 15 lbs per square foot, this product can easily ship throughout the country allowing you to source the perfect color and style for your project. It is an excellent choice for complementing the farmhouse style that’s both flexible in its uses and guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Exterior Applications

When it comes to the home’s exterior, thin stone veneer may be used to bring the core organic elements of a farmhouse to the forefront. Thin stone veneer may be applied as the home’s façade feature and installed in lieu of siding or used as an accent for wainscoting or columns. Natural stone provides a beautiful contrast with metal roofs, a staple of the farmhouse style. Additionally, thin stone veneer can be used for a variety of applications around the property, including patios and outdoor kitchens, water features, and more, to tie your property together.

Interior Applications

It is a natural transition to bring the exterior stone selection inside for use in the fireplace or accent walls. With a wide range of cuts and colors available, you can also mix it up and choose a different stone inside to pair with interior design ideas, fixtures, and furniture.

Benefits of Natural Thin Stone Veneer

There are several benefits to thin stone veneer, especially when compared with full bed veneer. Perhaps most significant of its perks: this alternative veneer option may be installed without the need for support ledges or footings, greatly opening up the possibilities of where to take your natural stone accents. While the product is fabricated to be cut thin, which cuts down on transportation and labor costs, it still has the beauty and character of natural stone – which means no two pieces will be identical and the color is through and through. 

Outdoor Living at the Modern Farmhouse

There’s something about natural stone landscape projects that bring out the best in the farmhouse aesthetic. When you have a look at samples of modern designs, you’ll find that many of these homes don’t stop at the porch – outdoor living is an important part of the Modern Farmhouse Style.

Natural stone hardscapes bring unmatched beauty and functionality to landscapes and are perfect for the farmhouse style home. Kafka Granite offers the following hardscape products — available in Starlight Black Granite, Harvest Gold Sandstone, Sierra Granite, and Imperial Gray Granite — to create a showstopping addition to your outdoor living: 

Sawn Cut Drywall

A functional, yet desirable, outdoor oasis at your private residence may benefit from Kafka Granite’s 8” Sawn Cut Drywall. These solid stone retaining wall blocks are sawn to height, which enables a simpler installation and provides a sleek, yet natural, look. Kafka’s Sawn Cut Drywall is sure to add sophistication and elegance to dry stacked walls in your outdoor spaces.

Thermal-Top Steps

If you’re looking for steps with natural character to complement the farmhouse style landscape, look no further than Kafka’s Thermal-Top Steps. With a thermal top finish to provide necessary traction, these steps are a quality investment that will hold up against harsh weather conditions and maintain their integrity for decades. What’s more, while Kafka Thermal-Top Steps are sawn to height for installation efficiency and functionality, they are also rockfaced to accentuate the stone’s natural beauty and character.

Thermal Flagstone

Meander through your garden or enjoy a relaxing evening on your patio with the incorporation of Kafka Granite’s Thermal Flagstone. Available in four colors, Kafka’s Irregular and Pattern Flagstone have sawn heights with a ½” tolerance, which drastically cuts down on the installation time re-leveling. The thermal finish adds much needed traction, but also brings out the stone’s unique character and natural color. Kafka’s Thermal Flagstone is available as irregular shaped flagstone for a truly natural look, or in a sawn pattern option for a more sophisticated presence.

The Details Make the Difference

To truly tie your project together for a show stopping first impression, Kafka Granite also offers a variety of custom natural stone accents and accessories. Finish off your Thin Stone Veneer with a coordinating natural stone sill or cap, or include a natural stone hearth or mantle to take your fireplace to the next level. Kafka’s Natural Stone Sawn Edging can create the perfect border for your garden beds, while our custom cut treads can create a beautiful approach to your front door. With the inclusion of Kafka’s Natural Stone products, you will be welcomed home to a cohesive and enduring design for decades to come. 

Pair Your Farmhouse Style Project with Natural Stone from Kafka Granite

At Kafka, we source our natural stone from quarries throughout North America, and our product line is not limited to the products highlighted here. For over forty years, a wide variety of manufacturers, natural stone suppliers, and contractors have benefited from our quality products in a diverse range of residential and commercial projects. We will work with architects, contractors, and property owners to ensure our product meets the unique specifications that their project demands. Have questions? Give us a call or connect with us online today to learn more about our offerings. 

Natural Stone Hardscapes Colors and Finishes

What Finish Is Right for Your Natural Stone

When carefully done by a professional mason or landscape contractor, the right stone finish will provide superb functionality and elevate the visual attraction of your masonry or hardscape project. Deciding which color is only half the battle, but choosing which finish is best is simpler than you think. There are generally two main considerations when choosing a stone finish for your natural stone accents or natural stone hardscapes: aesthetics and functionality. For example, you may love the contemporary accent a sawn or honed natural stone sill provides, while it is important your natural stone steps have a finish to increase traction. Kafka Granite has put together this list of our most common stone finishes to give you a more up-close look at their purpose and how each look is achieved.

5 Stone Finishes, All with Unique Qualities

From hand tools to machinery and even open flames, the process for finishing natural stone hardscapes and other natural stone products is one of the many ways Kafka helps customize your project. And while each of these approaches differs from start to finish, they share one thing in common: every finish adds multi-faceted value to stone projects.


Using a rock hammer or pitching tool, our experts chip away at the face of the stone slab to produce a rugged-yet-crafted, natural appearance. This process is known as rock-facing. Rock-facing is typically reserved for the edges or faces of a natural stone product. You’ll commonly find rock-faces on Kafka’s natural stone sawn cut drywall, thermal top steps, caps, and sill. 


Also known as a flamed finish, a thermal finish is produced by running a high-temperature flame over a moistened stone surface. Layers of the stone flake away due to the expansion of the moisture, resulting in a textured surface. Once treated, the thermal finish process produces a subtle, non-skid texture that is an excellent choice for stone walking surfaces like flagstone and thermal-top steps. The act of thermalling also further accentuates the natural character of the stone, which also makes it a preference for purely aesthetic reasons. 


Stones are “bush hammered” using a repeated impact method, which causes the surface of the stone to develop a rougher texture. Consequently, bush-hammered finished stone provides more slip resistance than other finishes while still achieving a visually appealing, robust texture. Bush-hammered stone finishes are a popular choice for natural stone steps and flagstone, especially in commercial or high traffic areas. 


The sawn finish gets its name from the means by which it is applied – that is, the sawing of the stone to create a flat, sleek surface. Unlike some other methods, the process of applying a sawn finish doesn’t require treatments. You’ll find that many stone products will come standard sawn on one or more sides, depending on the order or purpose. When sawn on top and bottom, stone slabs may be easily stacked and installed for a variety of applications. Sawn finishes will show fine lines of the saw on the surface of the stone.


For a stone surface with a clean, contemporary, and easy to clean surface, a honed stone finish is a classic option. Finished by way of grinding and sanding, these surfaces are smooth but not glossy and complement both exterior and interior environments. Honed finishes are commonly applied to more contemporary coping and sill, or to elevate fireplace mantels and hearths. 

A Common Scenario with Simple Solutions

Still unsure which finish is right for you? Consider the following example. Suppose that you’re working with natural stone hardscapes and you’re assisting a property owner with an extensive outdoor application – let’s say you’re installing a retaining wall, a walkway, and steps leading up to the property. 

For the retaining wall, you may want to go with a rock-faced stone finish as the rock facing will complement the natural elements of the outdoors, while our sawn heights allow the cut drywall to be installed without extra time sorting and shimming. Steps and walkways have some leeway in terms of how they’re finished. But, at the very least, these should have a finish that provides traction while also withstanding the elements – thermal, for example, or bush-hammered finishes.

Over 40 Years of Natural Stone Solutions

Since 1979, Kafka Granite has provided stone products for applications ranging from large-scale, commercial projects to private, residential renovations. Whether you’re working with a commercial property in need of a facelift with an updated landscape design or you are tracking down thin stone veneer for a new façade, our extensive catalog of natural stone products and their various custom stone accents will allow for endless possibilities. Connect with our office today to learn more about our natural stone hardscapes, the finishing options, or to place a custom order.  

Starlight Black Granite Thermal-Top Steps, Sawn Cut Drywall, Sawn Edging, and Caps

Introducing Kafka Granite’s Natural Stone Hardscapes

We launched our specialty building stone product line in 2018. Since then, we’ve been working on the next addition to our offerings—and here it is! Kafka Granite is pleased to announce our line of natural stone hardscapes. This endeavor was the logical next step in our mission to supply our customers with the natural stone solutions they need to complete stunning projects.

At Kafka Granite, we strive to provide high-quality natural stone products that both anticipate and exceed the needs of our customers. We already offered an extensive selection of landscape supply products, including landscape stone, granite boulders and cobbles, and decorative rip rap. The question became this: what’s next? 

Customer listening played a significant role in our decision to introduce Kafka Natural Stone Hardscapes. We saw a need for not only a high-end, contemporary spin on natural stone hardscapes, but also a highly-efficient product line that would cut down on installation costs. In addition, we picked up on the demand for non-slip hardscape surfaces that could provide a safer walking path in both residential and commercial installations.

Natural Stone Hardscapes from Kafka Granite

Here’s a brief look at our latest product line. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to talk through natural stone needs.

Sawn Cut Drywall

Our Natural Stone Sawn Cut Drywall is perfect for incorporating dry stacked walls into your landscaping project. From raised flower beds to retaining walls, these natural hardscapes will lend an air of elegance and sophistication to any project.

To reduce costs and simplify installation, we ensure that each solid stone block is sawn on both the top and the bottom. This produces an extremely clean look and makes a project progress that much more efficiently. At the same time, split faces and ends allow this product to retain a natural, rugged beauty.

Thermal-Top Steps

Whether you’re building on a steep hill or a gently rolling slope, a striking set of steps is just what you need to finish off a landscaping project. Our Natural Stone Thermal-Top Steps are solid, durable slabs that will provide a non-skid hardscape surface for years to come.

Each unit is sawn to height for an efficient installation process. Rock-faced on one long side and two short sides, these steps show off the versatility and variation of natural stone. 

Thermal Flagstone

Set those manufactured hardscape surfaces aside in favor of a premium, natural stone hardscape. Because who said that patios couldn’t be beautiful, functional, and long-lasting?

Kafka Granite’s Thermal Flagstone, available as either irregular-edged flagstone or as a repeating pattern of sawn flagstone, will allow you to add visual interest to any landscaping project—whether you’re creating a welcoming patio to gather with family and friends or building a meandering pathway that will allow visitors to take in the scenery. A sawn height ensures consistency, decreases sorting and installation time, and essentially eliminates shimming and re-leveling. Finally, a thermal-top finish both provides added traction and further spotlights the beauty of each natural stone unit.

Sawn Edging

Kafka’s Sawn Edging adds a thoughtful and impressive detail to any landscape project. Sawn to consistent 4″ heights, the product marries a convenient installation with the sophistication of natural stone. This distinctive border stone can create a beautiful and functional barrier for Kafka’s Pathway Mix or Landscape Stone.

Treads, Caps & Coping

Round out your landscape project with the addition of Kafka’s Treads, Caps & Coping. Each natural stone color takes on a new life with the various finishing options available. Add texture and traction with a Thermal or Bush Hammer finish, or opt for a Sawn or Honed finish to create clean lines and a contemporary flair.

Natural Stone Hardscapes for Your Commercial and Residential Landscape Projects

Our natural stone hardscapes are ideal for any outdoor project, from commercial installations to residential features. See our product page for exact specifications of each stone hardscape product.

All Kafka Granite Natural Stone Hardscapes are available in four classic Kafka colors: Sierra Granite, Starlight Black Granite, Harvest Gold Sandstone, and Imperial Gray Granite. This range of hues ensures that you’ll find an option to complement any color palette or landscaping project.

Sourcing Natural Stone Hardscapes? Let’s Talk!

Kafka Granite is proud to add yet another high-quality line of natural stone products to our offerings. Whether you’re an architect, contractor, or homeowner, we’re dedicated to helping you source the perfect flagstone, thermal-top steps, and sawn cut drywall for your needs. Looking for a specific color of natural stone, want to learn more about our products, or find yourself in need of samples? Contact us today, and let’s get started.

Galaxy Glitter Castle Cut Thin Stone Veneer.

New Home Building Spotlight: 2021 Color Trends and the Natural Stone that Accentuates Them

There was a time when bright, vibrant colors dominated neighborhoods, and when interior spaces were just as extravagant with hues like burnt orange and barn red. While more adventurous property owners are adamant about taking the risk into now-niche territories like these, the majority of property owners select modern colors for new home builds that are less likely to stand out with flashy impressions and more likely to take on tones of elegance, sophistication, and simplicity.

Of course, no residential build is complete without the complementary beauty of natural stone and its various applications. In this post, we’ll dive into current new home color trends and how natural stone products can bring out the best in them.

The New Home Colors You’re Most Likely to See

These days, homeowners are gravitating toward neutral hues. If it’s peaceful, classy, and provides an opportunity for brilliant accents, it’s likely that new homes will be dressed in it. However, “neutral” does not always have to mean sheer grays and whites. Certain tones can still carry that neutral essence without losing the zest of a cool or warm base. Noteworthy color choices include:

  • Blue-gray
  • Beige
  • Warm taupe
  • Green-gray
  • Wood stain themes
  • Alabaster white
  • Deep gray
  • Navy blue
  • Caramel brown
  • Olive green

Architecturally, the modern farmhouse style and other contemporary takes on traditional styles have gained a lot of traction over the last few years, and it would seem these colors couple wonderfully with such designs. What’s more, homes with these and other neutral colors lend well to a variety of material accents (wood or stone, for example) and earthy or bright white trim hues. In fact, you’ll find that many of these color selections and exterior aesthetics derive from colors seen in nature, which explains why they do so well with akin visual elements. 

Pair Your Color Palette with Elegant Natural Stone

So, let’s talk about stone. When it comes to residential architecture and design, few products couple as well with a neutral color palette like thin stone veneer and natural stone hardscapes. Unlike manufactured stone, natural stone is unique. They aren’t like carbon copies – while made of the same stone, each piece will boast its own character. Sourced from the earth itself, they are the original model. And, when installed, each unique stone comes together like a stunning mosaic art piece that speaks to the beauty of using natural stone.

Thin Stone Veneer

Natural thin stone veneer comes with several color and cut options which provide opportunities for dynamic, creative applications. Popular color options for thin stone veneer include those in our black and gray varieties like Imperial Gray Granite or Starlight Black Granite – both hues bring out the classiness of a neutral, modern tone.

Furthermore, thin stone veneer has a ton of great perks. This product may be used in many of the same applications as regular stone veneer, but with some added benefits. It can be installed without support ledges or footings, therefore appropriate for an array of exterior and interior applications. The product is cut to a nominal thickness of ¾” – 1 ½” thick, significantly reducing the products weight relative to full bed veneer. This drastically reduces shipping and installation costs.

Natural Stone Hardscapes

Kafka’s natural stone hardscape collection includes sawn cut drywall, thermal-top steps, thermal flagstone, sawn edging, treads, caps, and coping – all of which come in four classic Kafka colors and a variety of finishes. Whether you’re building a retaining wall or adding a much-needed walkway and steps navigating the property, you’re going to want a stone that complements a new home in both color and functionality.

Natural stone hardscapes do just that. Thermal finished for traction, thermal flagstone and thermal-top steps bring more than an aesthetical boost to the property. They’re built to withstand seasonal exposure and their durable nature will retain their elegance for decades to come. 

Elevate the Beauty of a New Home with Kafka Granite

Kafka Granite is proud to partner with designers and contractors to provide homeowners with the right natural stone solution for their residential construction or renovation needs. Our stone products are harvested from our network of quarries throughout North America, and are all custom produced in Central Wisconsin. Connect with our office today to learn how our products will meet the demands of your project.


Starlight Black Granite Thermal-Top Steps, Sawn Cut Drywall, Sawn Edging, and Caps

What COVID-19 Means for the Landscaping Industry

This past summer, Tiffany Koss of Kafka Granite was featured in an article by Use Natural Stone. In it, she shares how the stay-at-home orders brought on by the pandemic have influenced people to see opportunities for exterior renovations. Specifically, the article explores the various ways natural landscaping stone may be used throughout a property. 

Now that we’re several months into the pandemic and the new year is dawning, it’s time to take another look at the landscaping industry to see what may have changed in light of the pandemic’s influence, and how landscaping stone can bring natural beauty and functionality to residential and commercial properties.

Companies See an Influx of Demands in Landscaping

Now, it seems the landscaping industry is experiencing an influx of demands for installations and renovations. Stoneyards are having trouble staying stocked as the demand for updates and maintenance on private and commercial properties rises.

Perhaps one reason why there is an influx of landscaping demands is the fact that many homeowners are spending more time at home. And with more time than ever to spend enjoying their property, they’re seeing opportunities for increasing their yard’s aesthetic appeal and, consequently, their property’s value. Why put money toward vacation during a pandemic when you could invest in something that elevates the beauty of your home? 

Let’s not also forget the effect that the pandemic has had on the housing market. Improved landscaping may give sellers the bump in the value they need to make up for property value they may have lost.  

More than Just an Investment

While property value is a motivator for people looking to shake things up with landscaping changes, it’s important for people to also note opportunities for increases in functionality. Decorative stone, for example, can be used as ground cover with greater longevity than mulch. What’s more, when renovating or updating with natural stone products as opposed to manufactured products, you choose a product that is less susceptible to color fading. This improvement will wear and weather beautifully, so it can be enjoyed for the lifetime of your home. 

How Kafka Granite Can Meet Your Landscaping Needs

At Kafka Granite, we supply landscape contractors and suppliers nationwide with a variety of natural stone hardscapes, pathway mixes, landscaping stone, and thin stone veneer. Our materials are derived from quarries around the continent, providing us with an array of colors and natural stone solutions crushed or cut to meet your project’s needs. When it comes to landscaping, there are several reasons to invest in a new design or update your current one.

Outdoor Gatherings Mean Even More Now

As people continue their attempts at social distancing, the time has never been better for you to update your outdoor space – whether you’re a property owner or a business owner working to adapt to pandemic restrictions. With the right landscape designer or architect, the value of outdoor living spaces will skyrocket. Designers masterfully curate the necessary stone materials and plants to create a beautiful and functional space perfect for parties and intimate gatherings. 

For contractors and property owners seeking a bit of sophistication for their project, our natural stone drywall and sawn steps come in four sleek and natural-looking colors—including Harvest Gold and Starlight Black—and the natural rock, unsawn facing of our steps help to maintain the integrity of an organic aesthetic.  You can also create additional routes across your property with the help of our Thermal Flagstone.

Create an Inviting Impression for the Property

Prevent an unkempt property landscape by boosting a building or home’s curb appeal. Whether looking to our striking thin stone veneer for a beautiful facade or reliable natural stone hardscapes to create a statement retaining wall the opportunities for an eye-catching first-impression are vast. 

Looking to sell your home or commercial property in the near future? Having a landscape architect update your property with an inviting environment could significantly increase your home’s value, not to mention leaving you with something to be proud of. What’s more, nothing adds to the tranquility of a neighborhood or industrial block quite like a well-designed, natural landscape. Combat the hustle and bustle of everyday metro life with natural materials that are sure to improve the overall mood and quality of your environment.

Contribute Positively to the Environment

When you supplement your project with natural stone rather than manufactured stone, you choose a longer-lasting, durable product that is far more likely to sustain its color and avoid negative impacts on the environment. Take, for example, Kafka’s decomposed granite pathway mix which is both permeable and sustainable for long periods of time. Retaining walls and riprap may also help reduce the property’s chances of erosion. 

Learn More About Kafka Granite’s Natural Stone Landscaping Products

We have provided natural stone solutions to businesses and contractors for over 40 years. Connect with our office today to better understand how our landscaping products can improve the quality and aesthetic of both commercial and residential environments.


Wisconsin Natural Stone

Kafka Granite began in 1979 when Wisconsin native Glenn Kafka bought a backhoe at a local auction and started laying tile for local farmers. Shortly thereafter, he took advantage of an opportunity to purchase a granite pit and found himself taking his next steps toward a multifaceted natural stone company.

Flashing forward to the present day – Kafka Granite utilizes quarry sites in both the United States and Canada. But the heart of our business remains in Central Wisconsin, where we manufacture our diverse aggregates for a wide variety of client needs and specifications.  

Wisconsin Is Our Home and Is Perfect for Our Industry

To find the right spot for Kafka Granite, Glenn Kafka never had to go far. Much of Wisconsin consists of a unique geological makeup which makes it a perfect home for us. The varying granite, marble, and quartzite available helps Kafka Granite acquire its large variance in natural stone colors.

In fact, our immediate area is rich in mineral deposits – providing us with the opportunity to have numerous hues on hand. Other states in our country offer less variance in natural stone. Within just a hundred miles of our Wisconsin location, you can find pink, blue, red, green, gray, and black granite, beige and gray limestone, and gold, gray, and purple quartzite.

Get to Know Our Products

Our range of materials can serve the demands of various industries and project types. From indoor commercial remodeling to outdoor siding and decorative landscapes, our 60+ color options and dynamic natural stone products are perfect for nearly any endeavor. Here are just a few of our products.

Specialty Aggregates

Aggregates for Precast Concrete Applications

Our precast aggregates come in a wide spectrum of colors and can be used for a variety of purposes, including architectural wall panels, pavers, pour in place concrete, and site amenities. These products featuring Kafka’s specialty aggregates are commonly used in hospitals, office buildings, stadiums, and other commercial locations.

Aggregates for Epoxy Resin Applications

We manufacture and supply specialty aggregates for terrazzo flooring, epoxy stone flooring, and manufactured quartz countertops, These customers need stone that meets specific specifications, while also being dry and dust free, allowing them to produce high-quality floors and countertops for residential and commercial applications. 

Aggregates for High Friction Surfacing and Demarcation

Kafka Granite produces specialty aggregates for use in epoxy overlays – perfect for roads, bridges, curves, crosswalks, bike lanes, bus lanes, and various streetscapes in need of better traction on surfaces. Our high-friction surfacing aggregates can withstand the harshest of Wisconsin’s weather conditions, providing efficient traction for your surface year-round.

Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Our natural thin stone veneer is a durable, nonstructural product that can be used in both outdoor and indoor projects. Benefits of choosing thin stone veneer include:

  • Lightweight: The lightweight nature of thin stone veneer makes it cost-effective and easier to ship in bulk. Its weight also makes for an easier installation – in fact, it can be installed without footings or support ledges.
  • Versatile and long-lasting: You can use thin stone veneer for a fireplace in a lobby or as a facade on a multi-story office building. Its natural durability also prevents excessive wear and tear from harsh weather and temperatures.
  • Easy application: While we still recommend hiring a professional for installation, note that thin stone veneer can make for a relatively easy application. With the right preparation, it can be installed over various surfaces, including concrete, metal, and plywood.  

Our thin stone veneer will look just as natural and beautiful as full stone veneer, and it comes in classic colors perfect for commercial and residential endeavors. 

Sports Turf Solutions

From our Wax Polymer Pathway Mix to Stabilized Ballyard Mixes, we are proud to manufacture a selection of softball, baseball, and golf course materials. Our ballyard materials enable safe footing and consistent ball hops, while our golf course solutions are designed to create easy to install, low-maintenance, erosion resistant, and dust-free pathways and out of play bunkers. 

Pathway Materials

We also offer alternatives to hardscape for pathway needs. We manufacture materials fit for garden paths, bike paths, courtyards, nature trails, and more. Not only do our pathway materials come in over 40 colors and have a natural look and feel, but they are designed to reduce mud, dust, and erosion. 

Landscape Supply

Looking to add to the beauty of your outdoor landscape? Our natural stone hardscapes include cut steps, drywall, and flagstones that will help you design a lasting landscape oasis, while our landscape stone, boulders, and rip raps are the perfect accent to round out your project. 

Learn More About What Kafka Granite Can Provide for You

For decades, Kafka Granite has helped local and nationwide businesses and contractors find the material they need to achieve their goals. Whatever your project, our state-of-the-art process allows us to crush and screen aggregates to meet the needs of your design or specification.

Thanks to our extensive selection, architects, stonemasons, designers, and contractors from various industries come to Kafka Granite with thin stone veneer, aggregate, and other natural stone needs. We offer a broad range of specialty natural stone products for an array of project demands and are always expanding our offering to meet the needs of our customers.

Whatever your situation, we can steer you toward the right product. Contact us today – our knowledgeable sales team is happy to chat through your project or provide you with samples.

Specialty Aggregate Colors

A Simple Guide to Kafka Granite’s Commercial Offerings

From specialty crushed stone in over sixty different colors for manufacturing, to beautiful multi-colored, naturally round granite boulders for landscaping, Kafka Granite is one of the largest and most specialized producers of landscape and architectural aggregates. Having been a leading and established supplier of granite, quartz, marble and recycled materials for over three decades, many of the top architects, landscape architects, contractors, and manufacturers turn to Kafka Granite aggregates for variety of projects, including:

  • Architectural precast aggregates for exposed precast concrete office buildings, medical complexes, skyscrapers, sports stadiums, etc.
  • Specialty crushed aggregates and manufactured sands for manufacturing decorative precast concrete pavers, or bricks, and precast concrete amenities such as trash cans, tables, planters, etc.
  • Contemporary natural thin stone veneer in a wide variety of cuts and colors for both commercial and residential design
  • Over 60 colors of granite, quartz, marble, and recycled materials crushed, dried, and bagged for use in manufacturing epoxy resin countertops, tile, and terrazzo flooring.
  • Epoxy Overlay Aggregates for High Friction surfacing applications that provide high-friction, non-skid surfaces for bridge decks, entrance/exit ramps, curves, bike paths, and pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Bulk quantities of decorative landscape stone that includes various colors and sizes of crushed stone, round pebbles, multi-colored granite boulders, and decorative rip rap boulders.
  • Natural stone hardscapes including thermal-top steps, sawn cut drywall, and thermal flagstone, for a variety of functions and applications that elevate the beauty of commercial and residential properties 
  • Decomposed Granite pathway materials for a more natural alternative to traditional hardscape solutions such as asphalt, concrete or pavers.
  • Reduce golf course maintenance with Kafka’s erosion resistant Wax Polymer Pathway Mix and Bunker Sand 
  • Premiere ball yard infield mix, warning track mix, and mound clay available at a variety of price points to provide lower maintenance, better drainage, safer footings, and consistent ball hops.

With so many products available, sometimes it’s difficult to understand all of the choices, but we are here to help! The Kafka sales team is standing by to help with your next project, but this short guide might be a simple first step in answering many of your questions. Let us break it down:

Architectural Precast Aggregates

Architectural precast is one of the most durable materials used in the exterior construction of commercial buildings today. But it is the exposed precast stone aggregate that truly gives the final product its unique aesthetic. Architectural precasters are looking for the perfect combination of aggregate with a very specific combination of stone size, color, and strength to create the perfect end product. With a massive network of stone quarries throughout North America and the unique ability to meet any size specification, Kafka Granite has the perfect aggregate and will work with you to make your next project a success.

Decorative Precast Concrete Aggregates for Decorative Paver and Amenities Manufacturing

Concrete bricks and pavers are always a popular decorative hardscape solution. However, adding Kafka Granite’s naturally colored aggregates to your precast concrete mix has the power to make them even more unique, by adding visual interest to the face-mix. Many of the top producers of decorative precast concrete pavers, bricks, and amenities trust Kafka Granite as their aggregate supplier–especially for the specialized colors, sizes, and recycled content not found anywhere else. With the rise in popularity of permeable pavers, we also offer complimentary permeable paver grit that’s crushed to size to ensure proper drainage and durability in freeze/thaw conditions.

Thin Stone Veneer 

An elegant, nonstructural stone product fit for numerous applications, natural thin stone veneer can be used in indoor and outdoor renovations. Lighter in weight than full stone veneer, thin stone veneer is also cheaper to ship in bulk and can be easily installed without support ledges or footings. With proper preparation and installation by a professional mason, this product may also be adhered to a variety of existing surfaces such as plywood, paneling, concrete, metal, and more. Kafka Granite thin stone veneer comes in dozens of natural color choices and will hold up to weather and wear much better than manufactured, artificial stone alternatives. 

Epoxy Resin Aggregates for Countertop, Tile, and Terrazzo Floor Manufacturing

With the ability to crush, dry, and bag 60 different colors of granite, quartz, marble, and recycled materials, Kafka Granite has a long history of supplying crushed stone chips for manufactured countertops, tiles, terrazzo flooring, and other epoxy resin-based manufacturing. Many of the top producers of Manufactured Quartz Countertops use a variety of Kafka’s aggregates and recycled materials in their production. Furthermore, Kafka has a longstanding relationship with T&M Supply, who distributes Kafka’s aggregates for stunning terrazzo flooring solutions throughout the world.

Epoxy Overlay Aggregates for High-Friction Roads and Non-Slip Pedestrian Walkways

There are many times when traditional concrete and asphalt are simply unsafe for high traffic roadways and walkways.  During certain times of the year, these surfaces can become extremely slippery and unsafe, especially on bridge decks, sharp curves, and entrance/exit ramps. High Friction Surfacing is the perfect solution, with Kafka Granite’s Epoxy Overlay aggregates offering a high level of traction in all kinds of weather, while also being durable enough to withstand harsh freeze/thaw conditions. The epoxy overlay aggregates can also be used for Streetscape applications such as crosswalks, medians, sidewalks, and bike lanes to create a non-slip surface for pedestrians while also enhancing the aesthetics of the pre-existing hardscape.

Landscaping Stones and Boulders

Kafka offers a wide variety of decorative landscape stone and boulders that will provide the perfect solution for landscape designers and contractors. Offered in a variety of colors and sizes, use Kafka’s Decorative Landscape Stone to define walkways and driveways, to enhance gardens and flower beds, or to brighten heavily shaded areas. Kafka Granite also offers a beautiful array of naturally round, glacially deposited multi-colored boulders that range in size from 3-6-inch cobbles to massive boulders over 60-inches in diameter. Use round boulders, or consider the variety of Decorative Rip Rap boulders, for retaining walls, water features, ponds, shorelines, or simple, yet effective, accent pieces in your landscape design.

Natural Stone Hardscapes

Thanks to a wide range of uses and sleek, natural colors, stone hardscapes have the ability to seriously elevate the beauty of your property. From flagstone to retaining walls and stone steps, Kafka Granite is proud to offer stone hardscapes that serve your project needs. Some of our hardscape products include Sawn Cut Drywall, Thermal Flagstone, and Thermal-Top Steps. A thermal finish on the top surface of your hardscape can increase traction while maintaining the natural integrity of your stone. 

Pathway Materials

For pathways, bike paths, and other trail systems where a more natural look and feel is desired, consider a more organic material that is both aesthetically appealing and durable. Sometimes traditional concrete or asphalt just won’t do. The Standard Pathway Mix is made from decomposed granite or crushed stone, screened to a specific size to ensure a maximum compacted surface that retains firmness, flexibility, and permeability. Kafka also offers two additional levels of durability. The Stabilized Pathway Mix includes an organic binding agent for a stronger, more stable, and less erosive surface. Meanwhile, the Wax Polymer Pathway Mix is the best pathway solution for extremely high traffic areas or steep inclines, as it’s non-permeable surface allows water to bead off the surface, eliminating mud, dust, and erosion.

Golf Course Solutions

Kafka Granite has developed solutions specifically for golf courses. These products are designed to provide a natural look while being incredibly easy to install. They drastically reduce maintenance, mud, dust, and erosion. Durable, long lasting and lightweight, Kafka’s Wax Polymer Pathway Mix is perfect for golf course pathways. Not only is it appealing to the eye, it’s erosion resistant, easy to install, and dustless. Developed with the same technology, our wax polymer bunker sand was designed for out of play or target bunkers, and may be installed easily over preexisting bunker sand. It allows water to shed into draining systems without erosion. 

Ballyard Materials

Finding the proper materials for baseball or softball diamonds can be a nightmare; most of the traditional materials are too muddy, too dusty, and too high maintenance, which all take valuable time away from both the groundskeepers and players. However, Kafka Granite specializes in low maintenance, high drainage products that minimize mud and dust, while retaining the natural playing surface that players know and love. From standard high-drainage top dressings, to high-quality, professional-grade infield mixes and warning track mixes, Kafka Granite offers a variety of solutions for any price point: from the little league to the major league.

Kafka Granite Does It All!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just ask! After all, most of Kafka Granite’s products were originally developed to meet customer requests, and we are not limited to the product lines you just read about. We are a custom-orientated company, so whether your firm is trying to match an aggregate used in a pre-existing structure, meeting a unique size specification for your manufacturing process, or just making a statement with a completely unique, custom color combination, Kafka Granite will work with your team to make it happen.