Burma Red Stabilized Infield Mix - D.C. Everest Softball - Schofield, WI

Kafka’s Stabilized Ball Yard Mix Installation

Easy Steps to Installing Stabilized Infield Mix & Warning Track Mix

Kafka Granite’s Burma Red Stabilized Infield and Warning Track Mixes are made of a premier blend of our decomposed granite-based infield or warning track mix and a natural stabilizing binder by Stabilizer Solutions. To ensure that maximum stability, permeability and cohesion are achieved from this infield mix, proper installation is critical.

One of the advantages of a decomposed granite-based ball yard mix is its ability to offer superior permeability due to its granular nature while staying compacted better than sand-, limestone- or clay-based infields. Appropriate preparation and installation of the infield or warning track mix and its base materials will help make any ball field safe and stable for all players while significantly minimizing maintenance for groundskeepers down the road.

Ruby Red Stabilized Warning Track Mix - Buffalo Grove Park District - Buffalo Grove, IL

Ruby Red Stabilized Warning Track Mix – Buffalo Grove Park District – Buffalo Grove, IL

Easy-to-Follow Installation Steps

Measure and lay out infield or warning track. Per your specific field dimensions, measure where the infield or warning track will be laid. This includes marking where existing sprinklers are.

Excavate. Once laying out the field is complete, it’s time to break ground. For the Burma Red Stabilized Infield or Warning Track Mix, make sure a minimum 3-inch depth is reached all around.

Level native soil. Native soil, the soil that is native to the ground that was just excavated, is often an acceptable base for the Stabilized Infield or Warning Track Mix. However, if your native soil is sandy, you will have to bring in a different clay-based soil for a compacted base. After the base is laid, it should be leveled, preferably with a laser grader.

Water and compact base layer. After the base layer has been leveled, water thoroughly. Allow the base to dry until damp. The base layer should not be muddy. Then, compact the native soil base using a one-ton drum roller. A plate compactor can be used, if necessary, in hard-to-reach areas.

Spread Kafka’s Stabilized Infield or Warning Track Mix. Using a front-end loader, the loose material should be laid down to allow for a minimum 3-inch compacted depth. Note: The estimated coverage for Kafka Stabilized Infield Mix is 70-square-feet per ton for a 3-inch depth and 50-square-feet per ton for a 4-inch depth.

Ensure the infield or warning track is sloped at ¬Ĺ%. ¬†A ¬Ĺ% slope of the infield or warning track allows water to drain laterally off the field, which further helps prevent flooding and delayed gameplay. Using a laser grader is preferred to ensure a consistent slope.

Water newly laid infield or warning track. Thoroughly watering Kafka’s Burma Red Stabilized Infield or Warning Track Mix after it’s been laid and sloped will activate the stabilizing binder. It is always better to overwater the infield than not water it enough at this stage of installation. The field should be damp but not muddy.

Compact infield track. Wait 24‚Äď48 hours after watering to compact the infield or warning track. The amount of wait time depends on the amount of water used and the local climate. As soon as the field allows, compact with a one-ton roller. Do not use a vibratory plate compactor or the vibratory setting on the roller, as the vibration may separate the stabilizing binder from the aggregate.

Quality assurance and finishing touches. Check the field for low areas. If any exist, add infield or warning track mix as needed and compact. Repeat as necessary until all low areas are gone. Install base anchors and home plate, and get ready for a great season!

If properly installed, Kafka’s Stabilized Infield or Warning Track Mix will provide a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly ball yard that offers the best permeability and stability around. Expect safer footing and consistent ball play all season long.

Burma Red Hilltopper Infield Mix - Chicago Bandits Stadium - Rosemont, IL

Kafka Granite: Perfecting Baseball & Softball Infields

Burma Red Hilltopper Infield Mix - Penn Park - University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA

Burma Red Hilltopper* Infield Mix – Penn Park – University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA

Play Ball, Rain or Shine

Kafka Granite is perfecting the art of ball yard mixes. Offering Standard, Stabilized and Hilltopper* varieties, Kafka understands the fluctuating needs of every ball field’s infield and warning track.

Comprised of decomposed granite, Kafka’s infield and warning track mixes offer a premium ball-playing experience. While most infields use a blend of sand, silt and clay, Kafka realizes the vast advantages of decomposed granite when it comes to player and fan experience. Whether it’s permeability of the infield or its ability to act consistently with hopping balls or skidding players, decomposed granite offers more than other typical infield mixes.

There’s a fine balance when it comes to creating an infield that drains well, yet remains compact enough to provide a firm, stable playing surface. Kafka Granite utilizes a decomposed granite-based infield mix, which reacts better to rain and gameplay than merely compacted clay, sand, or limestone.

Kafka Granite’s decomposed granite is crushed and screened to size and in some instances, pre-blended with either an organic stabilizing binder or an engineered wax polymer for the most cutting-edge technology in ball fields. Continue reading for a brief summary of our infield options and to learn what sets them apart from your everyday muddy and dusty fields.

Standard Topdressing

Kafka Granite‚Äôs Burma Red Standard Topdressing mix is a premium, yet cost-effective solution for existing infields. Only ¬ľ‚ÄĚ to ¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ of depth is needed to cover existing infield material to provide the safe footing, smooth sliding and consistent ball hops known to come standard with Kafka infields.

Stabilized Infield Mix

The Burma Red Stabilized Infield Mix combines the best of two worlds: Kafka‚Äôs decomposed granite infield mix with Stabilizer¬†Solutions Organic Binder. Stabilizer Solutions‚Äô proprietary natural binder coupled with Kafka‚Äôs decomposed granite infield mix provides enhanced stability and footing with increased cohesion while maintaining permeability. With the ability to hold 12 times its weight in water and release moisture when the infield runs dry, Burma Red Stabilized Infield Mix‚Äôs ideal moisture reduces mud and dust, provides preferred cushion and flexibility, and requires less maintenance and preparation ‚ÄĒ which means more time to play ball!

Hilltopper Technology

Hilltopper* Technology

Hilltopper* Infield Mix

Comprised of Kafka Granite’s Standard Burma Red Mix, the Burma Red Hilltopper* Infield Mix also incorporates a water-shedding wax polymer proprietary to Stabilizer Solutions. The cutting edge of infield technology comes from Kafka Granite; the wax polymer combined with the tried-and-true decomposed granite infield mix makes it possible to continue gameplay minutes after a storm has passed, or even during the rain if you wish! As soon as the clouds roll out and the rain stops pouring, this infield mix provides players with a waterless, mudless and dustless playing surface while providing fans with less waiting and more gameplay.



Hilltopper* is a registered trademark of Stabilizer Solutions. Kafka Granite no longer utilizes Hilltopper* in the composition of their ballfield mixes.

Kafka Granite manufacturing

A Simple Guide to Kafka Granite’s Commercial Offerings

From specialty crushed stone in over sixty different colors for manufacturing, to beautiful multi-colored, naturally round granite boulders for landscaping, Kafka Granite is one of the largest and most specialized producers of architectural and landscape aggregates. Having been a leading and established supplier of granite, quartz, marble and recycled materials for over three decades, many of the top architects, landscape architects, contractors, and manufacturers turn to Kafka Granite aggregates for variety of projects, including:

  • Architectural precast aggregates for exposed precast concrete office buildings, medical complexes, skyscrapers, sports stadiums, etc.
  • Specialty crushed aggregates and manufactured sands for manufacturing decorative precast concrete pavers, or bricks, and precast concrete amenities such as trash cans, tables, planters, etc.
  • Over 60 colors of granite, quartz, marble, and recycled materials crushed, dried, and bagged for use in manufacturing epoxy resin countertops, tile, and terrazzo flooring.
  • Epoxy Overlay Aggregates for High Friction surfacing applications that provide high-friction, non-skid surfaces for bridge decks, entrance/exit ramps, curves, bike paths, and pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Bulk quantities of decorative landscape stone that includes various colors and sizes of crushed stone, round pebbles, multi-colored granite boulders, and decorative rip rap boulders.
  • Decomposed Granite pathway materials for a more natural alternative to traditional hardscape solutions such as asphalt, concrete or pavers.
  • Premiere ball yard infield mix, warning track mix, and mound clay available at a variety of price points to provide lower maintenance, better drainage, safer footings, and consistent ball hops.

With so many products available, sometimes it’s difficult to understand all of the choices, but we are here to help! The Kafka sales team is standing by to help with your next project, but this short guide might be a simple first step in answering many of your questions. Let us break it down:

Architectural Precast Aggregates

Architectural precast is one of the most durable materials used in the exterior construction of commercial buildings today.  But it is the exposed precast stone aggregate that truly gives the final product its unique aesthetic. Architectural precasters are looking for the perfect combination of aggregate with a very specific combination of stone size, color, and strength to create the perfect end product.  With a massive network of stone quarries throughout North America and the unique ability to meet any size specification, Kafka Granite has the perfect aggregate and will work with you to make your next project a success.

Photo Courtesy of Wausau Tile

Photo Courtesy of Wausau Tile

Decorative Precast Concrete Aggregates for Decorative Paver and Brick Manufacturing

Concrete bricks and pavers are always a popular decorative hardscape solution. However, adding Kafka Granite‚Äôs naturally colored aggregates to your precast concrete mix has the power to make them even more unique, by adding visual interest to the face-mix. Many of the top producers of decorative precast concrete pavers, bricks, and amenities trust Kafka Granite as their aggregate supplier–especially for the specialized colors, sizes, and recycled content not found anywhere else. With the rise in popularity of permeable pavers, we also offer complimentary permeable paver grit that‚Äôs crushed to size to ensure proper drainage and durability in freeze/thaw conditions.

Epoxy Resin Aggregates for Countertop, Tile, and Terrazzo Floor Manufacturing

With the ability to crush, dry, and bag 60 different colors of granite, quartz, marble, and recycled materials, Kafka Granite has a long history of supplying crushed stone chips for manufactured countertops, tiles, terrazzo flooring, and other epoxy resin based manufacturing. Many of the top producers of Manufactured Quartz Countertops use a variety of Kafka’s aggregates and recycled materials in their production. Furthermore, Kafka has a longstanding relationship with T&M Supply, who distributes Kafka’s aggregates for stunning terrazzo flooring solutions throughout the world.

Epoxy Overlay Aggregates for High-Friction Roads and Non-Slip Pedestrian Walkways

There are many times when traditional concrete and asphalt are simply unsafe for high traffic roadways and walkways.  During certain times of the year, these surfaces can become extremely slippery and unsafe, especially on bridge decks, sharp curves, and entrance/exit ramps. High Friction Surfacing is the perfect solution, with Kafka Granite’s Epoxy Overlay aggregates offering a high level of traction in all kinds of weather, while also being durable enough to withstand harsh freeze/thaw conditions. The epoxy overlay aggregates can also be used for Streetscape applications such as crosswalks, medians, sidewalks, and bike lanes to create a non-slip surface for pedestrians while also enhancing the aesthetics of the pre-existing hardscape.

Landscaping Stones and Boulders

Kafka offers a wide variety decorative landscape stone and boulders that will provide the perfect solution for landscape designers and contractors.  Offered in a variety of colors and sizes, use Kafka’s Decorative Landscape Stone to define walkways and driveways, to enhance gardens and flower beds, or to brighten heavily shaded areas.  Kafka Granite also offers a beautiful array of naturally round, glacially deposited multi-colored boulders that range in size from 3-6-inch cobbles to massive boulders over 60-inches in diameter. Use round boulders, or consider the variety of Decorative Rip Rap boulders, for retaining walls, water features, ponds, shorelines, or simple, yet effective, accent pieces in your landscape design.

Pewter Granite Stabilized Pathway - Walgreens Corporate Headquarters - Deerfield, IL

Pewter Granite Stabilized Pathway – Walgreens Corporate Headquarters – Deerfield, IL

Pathway Materials

For pathways, bike paths, and other trail systems where a more natural look and feel is desired, consider a more organic material that is both aesthetically appealing and durable.  Sometimes traditional concrete or asphalt just won’t do. The Standard Pathway Mix is made from decomposed granite or crushed stone, screened to a specific size to ensure a maximum compacted surface that retains firmness, flexibility, and permeability.  Kafka also offers two additional levels of durability. The Stabilized Pathway Mix includes an organic binding agent for a stronger, more stable, and less erosive surface.  Meanwhile, the Wax Polymer Pathway Mix is the best pathway solution for extremely high traffic areas or steep inclines, as it’s non-permeable surface allows water to bead off the surface, eliminating mud, dust, and erosion.

Ballyard Materials

Finding the proper materials for baseball or softball diamonds can be a nightmare; most of the traditional materials are too muddy, too dusty, and too high maintenance, which all take valuable time away from both the groundskeepers and players. However, Kafka Granite specializes in low maintenance, high drainage products that minimize mud and dust, while retaining the natural playing surface that players know and love. From standard high-drainage top dressings, to high-quality, professional grade infield mixes and warning track mixes, Kafka Granite offers a variety of solutions for any price point: from the little league to the major league.

Kafka Granite Does It All!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just ask! After all, most of Kafka Granite’s products were originally developed to meet customer requests, and we are not limited to the product lines you just read about. We are a custom-orientated company, so whether your firm is trying to match an aggregate used in a pre-existing structure, meeting a unique size specification for your manufacturing process, or just making a statement with a completely unique, custom color combination, Kafka Granite will work with your team to make it happen.



Kafka Granite Crushing Facility - Mosinee, WI

HOW IT’S MADE: An Insight into Kafka Granite’s Manufacturing Process

To commemorate 35 years of growth in the specialty aggregate industry, Kafka Granite has developed this video to give our customers a closer look at what makes our manufacturing process unique.



Jack Caldwell, Project Designer at¬†Waldrop Engineering, was one of the first to view¬†Our Manufacturing¬†video¬†after recently taking a tour of our crushing¬†facility. He noted, “We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the process and how much growth your company has experienced…we were able to see a much bigger picture. It’s a great video and a helpful tool for us to educate our design team with!”

Whether you are an architect or an engineer, a purchaser or a manufacturer, or one of the other many friends of Kafka Granite, we hope this video proves to be a helpful tool for you and your team as well!

Our new video¬†is available for viewing on¬†our new and improved¬†website.¬†While you are¬†there, take a look around…there is a lot of updated information, photos, and other resources!

As always, please let us know if Kafka Granite can help you with your next project. We would be happy to provide you and your team with a tour of our facilities, a lunch and learn presentation, or samples of our products. Contact our sales team for more information. 

Like our video? Contact David Schulta Videography!


Video produced by David Schulta & Tiffany Kafka. Video directed and edited by David Schulta Videography LLC.