Best Pathway Materials for High-Traffic Areas

Stabilized Pathway
Stabilized Pathway

Best Solution for High-traffic Pathways

It’s no secret that pathways are incredibly useful. They keep your feet out of the mud when you cross over damp gardens or yards, they can help you transport heavy loads without getting stuck and they can guide you through forests or parks with ease. While their functionality may be the main purpose you put in a pathway, don’t forget that they can also be beautiful. They can blend in with your natural surroundings or stand out to make a landscaping design statement. No matter the purpose of your pathway, Kafka Granite can help make it happen.

Kafka Granite has been perfecting aggregates for decades. Our state-of-the-art crushing facility has been outfitting landscaping centers, architects, landscape designers, product manufacturers, and more with nearly 60 different colors of crushed stone and recycled materials for a while now—more than three decades. This know-how has made us well-versed in pathway materials, especially what it takes to create a pathway ideal for high-traffic scenarios. Perhaps you’re searching for a solution to building a path through a mucky woods area, or maybe you want to build a winding and clear route for golf carts to navigate around your course. Whatever you’re searching for, Kafka can help you find the right pathway material for your specific products.

What Pathway Material Is Right for Your Project?

When choosing the right pathway material, there are a few factors you should take into consideration.

Things to Consider for your Pathway

1. Environment
2. Traffic load
3. Cost
4. Design goals

What is the environment you’ll be constructing a pathway in? Is there a pre-existing pathway you need tear out? Are there steep hills? Is it highly erosive? Is permeability important for the surrounding ecology? Or are you trying to create a path through a damp and natural environment like Perkins Woods in Cook County? The type of environment a path is getting placed in will determine how you build the path as well as what type of pathway will work best, e.g., stabilized, wax polymer, etc.

How much traffic will this pathway need to be able to endure? The pathway material you use, as well as the depth the material is installed, will differ depending on if it will only carry foot traffic or a combination of foot and vehicular traffic during its lifetime.

No matter what project you take on, there is a budget in place. Decomposed granite pathways are an excellent alternative to asphalt or cement in terms of cost. While initial costs may not always be lower, pathways made from decomposed granite (DG) won’t endure the same type of damage asphalt or concrete will. Asphalt pathways can dip and sag over time with repetitive wear. Concrete has the tendency to crack as it thaws and freezes in colder climates. Both types of damage require repair and maintenance time and time again. Kafka’s decomposed granite pathways can flex with freeze/thaw cycles and can be easily repaired or freshened up by adding more granite until level, watering, and compacting in place. The cost effectiveness of DG over time is a benefit anyone can appreciate. With a little TLC and no major expenses, decomposed granite pathways will last as long as you want them too.

Lastly, consider your design goals. The aesthetic you want might not be achievable with cold-looking concrete or obtrusive asphalt. Kafka’s pathway materials, on the other hand, have a natural finish and are available in a wide variety of colors. From blacks and browns to whites and greens—our pathway aggregate blends are vibrant or neutral in color, making them suitable for practically any application.

Stabilized Decomposed Granite Pathways

This is a great option for pathways that may endure heavy foot traffic throughout its life. Stabilized DG pathways are crafted from crushed stone, screened to specifications that allow for maximum compaction and drainage, and are mixed with a stabilizing binder. We offer two different binders that are organic, come from renewable sources, and don’t distract from natural environments. Both Organic-Lock and Stabilizer Solutions are pre-blended for easy installation, but to truly decide which may be best for your project, call or send a message to one of our experts today.

Our stabilized pathways are more durable than our standard pathways, which don’t necessitate any sort of stabilizer or binder. Stabilized Pathways retain permeability, unlike concrete or asphalt, and thanks to added binders, they can stand up against erosive weather and foot traffic and remain wheelchair accessible.

Wax Polymer Decomposed Granite Pathways

Unlike stabilized pathways, wax polymer pathways provide dustless, sealed and non-permeable surfaces. This option comes premixed, meaning you just have to place it and compact it—no watering needed. And if you need to tear it up to get to utilities beneath or make major repairs in the future, simply remove, replace, compact, and it will be good to go. For minor repairs or to bring new life to the surface, simply scarify and recompact. Maintenance made simple, that’s what decomposed granite pathways are all about.

Wax polymer pathways are more durable and hardier than stabilized pathways. This material can be used on hilly terrain, steep grades and flat ground. The engineered polymer is incredibly durable, adaptable and dustless, and it will never get muddy or mucky. This pathway material is a popular option for cart trails at golf courses or for plazas, patios, trails, driveways and walkways that expect lots of traffic or have highly erosive areas such as steep slopes. Just like our other pathway materials, though, wax polymer pathways still lend more design to a space than concrete or asphalt and are available in the same versatile color variety.

Decomposed Granite Options for High-Traffic Areas

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of stabilized and wax polymer pathway solutions from Kafka, let’s talk today. Our professionals can answer any questions you may still have about which option is best for your project. We can also send you free samples so you can decide between our broad palette of color options. Whether you’re on the hunt for a vibrant walking trail or a natural yet durable path for golf carts or small vehicles, we have the best decomposed options for your high-traffic pathway.

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