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Wax Polymer Ballyard Mixes

Ballyard Wax Polymer Materials

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Kafka Granite is in sync with the evolving needs of ball yards everywhere. Long gone are the days of simply playing baseball on a plot of dirt. If you want the best play in the league, make sure your field is also performing at its best—Kafka has all the solutions you need.

By offering, standard, stabilized and wax polymer infield and warning track mixes, Kafka can help your play the best ball all season long.

Our wax polymer infield or warning track is fit for the big leagues. Instead of being made of what the most typical ball yard mixes are made from—sand, silt and clay—our wax polymer ball yard mixes are made from decomposed granite and its unending benefits.

Burma Red Wax Polymer Infield Mix is crafted from an impeccable combination of our Burma Red decomposed granite and a polymeric wax. This state-of-the-art infield innovation renders a field waterless, dustless and mud-free. Players can get back to playing immediately after a storm or even while it’s still raining without the worry of puddles, mud, or a pitting infield, warning track or mound.

Kafka’s wax polymer coating makes it so you can actually watch water bead up on the surface of the field. No longer will players—or fans—have to wait hours or days to continue a game after rainfall. Kafka’s wax polymer mixes can empower players to always stay safe, slide without fear and play ball despite what the weather is doing.

Our Wax Polymer ball yard mixes do all of the following:

  • Preserves flexibility and cushion
  • Eliminates the need for watering
  • Dramatically reduces maintenance needs and costs
  • Creates firm and stable playing surface in all weather
  • Withstand rain, wind, snow, and drought

Kafka offers Burma Red Wax Polymer Infield Mix and Burma Red Wax Polymer Warning Track Mix. While the differences are subtle, they get the job done in the best way possible.

Burma Red Wax Polymer Infield Mix is a derivative of our standard infield mix: It’s made of decomposed granite crushed to the perfect size to provide stable footing and consistent ball hops and sliding for player perfection and audience enjoyment. Our Wax Polymer Infield Mix, however, includes a coating of cutting-edge polymer that instantly sheds water.

Our Burma Red Warning Track mix is the same premium duo of decomposed granite and wax polymer as the infield mix, but the granite is crushed to a slightly larger size. The slightly coarser size of the warning track mix provides players with a good “crunch” under foot to warn them of the impending wall around the field’s perimeter. There’s no more need to worry about loose footing, just the wall.

Our Burma Red Wax Polymer Infield Mix is ideal for a newly constructed ball yards and requires an installation at a 2”–3” depth.

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