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Kafka Granite knows each ball yard has different needs depending on its level of use or climate. Whether your infield is in the little leagues or is huge in the big leagues, Kafka’s ball yard mixes can exceed your needs. By providing exceptional drainage qualities and the safe footing, find out why our standard and stabilized ball yard mixes are a clear choice for those needing a quality infield and warning track.

Our stabilized ball yard mixes are crafted from decomposed granite instead of sand, clay or silt. Our Stabilized Infield Mix and Stabilized Warning Track Mix are premium derivatives of our standard ball yard mixes.

Much like our decomposed granite-based standard ball yard mixes, these are also decomposed granite mixes, but are pre-blended with an organic binder. The addition of an organic stabilizing binder creates the best permeable infield surface possible.

Organic stabilizer does all of the following:

  • Remains permeable
  • Retains adequate moisture to reduce required maintenance
  • Creates a firm and resilient playing surface
  • Preserves flexibility and cushion
  • Reduces water and wind erosion
  • Prevents virtually all mud or dust from developing

Stabilized infield and warning track mixes are both comprised of Kafka’s decomposed granite and an organic binder. Our stabilized warning track mix, however, differs in that it’s produced to a slightly coarser size than our stabilized infield mix.

A slightly larger warning track mix provides more “crunch” under foot to provide a better auditory warning to players running toward the wall or fence. Kafka’s Stabilized Warning Track Mix is available in Burma Red, Red Cedar and Ruby Red aggregate colors. Our stabilized infield mix is available in Burma Red to create the look and feel of a truly professional field.

Burma Red Stabilized Infield Mix is best used for new field construction—installed at a depth of 3”–4”. The permeability and stabilized quality of this mix makes it a premium playing surface for infields or warning tracks over an appropriate base.

When constructing a new field, Kafka Granite recommends a compacted depth of three inches over an appropriate base material. To calculate how much you may need, read our guide to estimating how much stabilized infield mix you may need. You’ll find recommendations for both grass and skimmed infields at compacted depths of three and four inches.

If you’re interested in the exceptional quality our stabilized infield and warning track mixes can offer you, call us to discuss your project. You can also get an idea of how simple it is to install our pre-blended mixes with these installation instructions. Learn about how to measure and plan for sprinklers or what base layer material to use. Kafka Granite is here to make sure your ball yard is outfitted with mixes that provide permeability, smooth slides and consistent ball play to make for many great games to come.

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