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5 Trends in Thin Stone Veneer

We want to take some time to catalog some significant modern trends in thin stone veneer and explore the driving factors behind those trends. We will also spend some time talking about specific thin stone veneer applications, with emphasis on the versatile utility of the product as it relates to interior and exterior architecture and design.

In general, builders often choose thin stone veneer for several reasons. Thin stone veneer weighs less than full stone veneer, which can make for more efficient shipping and subsequently reduce costs. You may also install thin stone veneer relatively easily, without the need for support ledges or footings. And with proper preparation and installation by a professional mason, it can adhere to numerous surface types, including plywood, paneling, metal, drywall, and concrete.

1. Striving for Sustainability

Among the reasons for choosing the material in a remodel or new build, perhaps the most modern motivation driving building trends is the desire for sustainability. Using various plastics and other synthetic materials for building facades or accent walls can seriously increase the carbon footprint of a project. 

You may find that some manufactured veneer is cost-efficient, but when it comes to sustainability, natural stone is the better choice. Kafka Granite offers a wide range of colors and cuts for a variety of thin stone veneer applications, all thanks to the abundance of mother nature. 

Additionally, we aim to make the most of our stone with every opportunity. When we cut our thin stone veneer to size, we send the cut-offs that result from this process to our crushing facility so they may be crushed into a specialty aggregate product. 

2. Adhering to Authenticity

In today’s age of digital interaction and communication, the driver for authenticity in an experience is at an all-time high. When it comes to aesthetics, designers and consumers alike prefer the authentic feel inside and outside – just look at the recent surge in farmhouse-style design. 

In fact, some popular thin stone veneer applications can bring the outdoor look indoors with natural color choices and complementary design elements like timber beams. Whether you use thin stone veneer to cover an accent wall or for floor-to-ceiling fireplace stonework, your guests will feel welcomed by the authentic and organic environment.

3. Making Interior and Exterior Spaces Modern and Sleek

Another approach to using thin stone veneer in commercial and residential aesthetics is that of a modern design. It seems that everywhere you look, modern architecture consists of an ingenious mix of sleek, simple, and professional aesthetics. 

Contemporary thin stone veneer cuts that pair well with a variety of modern styles include the Sawn Dimensional and Dimensional cuts. This is mostly due to the consistent sawn heights. Other noteworthy cuts with more niche style pairings include Castle Cut and Ashlar, which provide more traditional and rustic looks. 

4. Eye-Catching Colors that Don’t Distract

There was a time when colors that popped were everywhere – from fluorescents of the 80s to pastels of the 90s. Certainly, eye-catching qualities in design elements are important, but the natural look is in. What better way to follow eye-catching trends than with a natural assortment of colors?

Kafka Granite has a wide range of light gray to black natural stone veneers, all of which have unique characteristics that blend themselves seamlessly into a variety of design styles and material mixes. Gun Metal Marble and Galaxy Glitter are among the most popular colors we sell in thin veneer. Our Misty Gray Marble appears especially white when paired with a white mortar, while our Starlight Black is a dark charcoal gray, which can take on a jet-black appearance with the use of a natural stone enhancer. 

5. Improving the Quality of the Outdoor Experience

Nothing looks quite as natural and fitting as stone used as an outdoor design element. The beauty of using natural stone veneer in outdoor projects is that you can accentuate the atmosphere without the extensive installation drawbacks of full stone veneer.

Whether adding a wall in a landscaping project or improving the aesthetic of an outdoor entertainment area, designers use thin stone veneer to greatly improve the experience of outdoor recreation and relaxation. You can find it used around pillars, garden walls, planters, outdoor kitchens, and more.

However, these are merely enhancements. The most popular way to utilize the beauty of thin stone veneer is as an exterior siding alternative. Thanks to their natural aesthetic and versatility, these stones complement a wide range of residential and commercial styles. 

Complement Your Design with Natural Thin Stone Veneer

At Kafka Granite, we source our natural stone from quarries across the Midwest and Canada, which means you have access to a wide spectrum of natural thin stone veneer options. Kafka Granite natural thin stone veneer wears and weathers beautifully and will retain its natural color for years. Learn more about your thin stone veneer options by contacting us today.

Harvest Gold Sandstone Sawn Cut Drywall and Caps

Why Kafka’s Natural Stone Hardscapes Should Be Your Go-To Choice for Exterior Projects

Landscape projects can bring out the best in a property, and natural stone hardscapes are the perfect choice for a lifetime of durability and beauty. The right application of natural stone will help owners better define their landscape, highlight the attractive elements of a garden or living space, and provide sturdy, skid-resistant walkways and patios. The ideal outdoor setup will include all these elements and more, as each individual stone hardscape application may be complementary to the next.

Kafka Granite has supplied natural stone products to contractors and businesses for over 40 years. We’ve put together this post to give you a close-up look at why our Natural Stone Hardscapes should be your first choice for outdoor needs.

A Quality Perfected by Nature

We source our natural stone from quarries throughout North America, with the majority coming from our home state of Wisconsin. The beauty of using natural stone hardscapes is that there’s no need to concern yourself with factors like longevity and durability.

Where faux stone or alternative material options may wear out and lose their charm, natural stone lives on. Granite and quartzite also have an inherent resistance to abrasion, thanks to their hardness – so, less wear and tear from weather and foot traffic. In other words, stone stairs or retaining walls are sure to retain their integrity for years to come, possibly even saving you money in the long run.

Functional Designs with You in Mind

Whether we’re talking landscape updates, outdoor living renovations, or expanding on a new build, there are numerous ways natural stone may be applied to add functionality to commercial and residential properties.

Take, for example, our sawn thermal-top stone steps. These slabs embody the spirit of our natural stone hardscape selection in that they come with all the benefits you would want out of your hardscape selections.

Their sawn heights make for easy stacking and installation (we recommend always using a professional for installation), and the thermal surface provides skid-resistance to help prevent slips by property owners and their guests.

Unmatched Beauty

Natural stone products make a long-term difference both in curb appeal and in owner satisfaction. After all, especially with commercial projects, these applications will be gazed upon daily – all the more reason to go with natural stone hardscapes rather than manufactured stone.

Because natural stone color is through and through, the product’s color will not wear, weather or fade like manufactured products. And these natural colors are unique; their identity is a testament to the geological formations that surrounded them. In other words, each piece of natural stone comes with its own story and their hue helps to tell it.

At Kafka Granite, our natural stone hardscapes come in four classic colors, all of which stand to provide a property with complementary elegance. From sleek, strong Imperial Gray to the warm tone of Harvest Gold, you’re sure to find the color you need to bring out the beauty of the property.

What Makes Our Product Special?

We put a lot of consideration into our hardscapes, especially when it comes to simplifying installation. Our sawn cut drywall, for example, is built with efficiency in mind. Where products like outcropping stone require extra time and care to stack and level—due to unlevel surfaces and inconsistent heights—Kafka’s sawn cut drywall has sawn heights designed to streamline the installation process.

Other natural stone hardscape products include our treads, caps, and coping which can add a finishing touch to your outdoor living project. We also offer sawn edging designed for convenient installation in landscape and pathway endeavors.

Kafka Granite – Providing Quality Natural Stone Since 1979

We pride ourselves on providing solutions that adhere to your project demands. From major commercial builds to residential renovations, we offer an extensive catalog of natural stone products that meet a variety of specs and situational needs. 

Connect with us today to learn more about the benefits of natural stone hardscapes, to request a quote, or to receive a sample.