Kafka Granite throws their 5th Annual Employee Appreciation Celebration: For the last five years, Glenn and Beverly Kafka, owners of Kafka Granite, have expressed their extreme gratitude towards their employees by throwing a summer celebration. This year was no exception, as employees gathered with their friends and families at the Kafka’s lakefront home for some fun in the sun! Glenn’s brother Jim Kafka, owner of Kafka Conveyors & Equipment, and his employees also joined in the celebration. The more the merrier! The festivities included boating, water sports, volleyball, yard games, and plenty of socialization over a tasty dinner of broasted chicken and corn on the cob. The night concluded with a beautiful fireworks display, the highlight for many.

The Kafka’s would like to again thank their employees for years of hard work and dedication. Everybody plays an important role in making Kafka Granite a success, and each role is thoroughly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

Organic-Lock offered by Kafka Granite


Kafka Granite now offers another stabilized pathway option:
Organic-Lock™, the strongest performing Organic Glue on the market, is now offered through Kafka Granite! The patented formula, which is the result of more than 10 years of Agricultural and Geotechnical Science, can be combined with Kafka Granite’s 40+ colors of natural stone and recycled materials, creating one of the most advanced and aesthetically pleasing stabilized pathway material on the market.

In a rainfall simulator study performed to compare erosion resistance between Organic-Lock™ and two leading competitors, after 120 minutes Organic-Lock experienced only 0.9% product loss while the competitors experienced 88.8% and 92.4% product loss. In addition to its permeability and unparalleled ability to resist erosion, Organic-Lock’s self-healing properties make repair and maintenance incredibly simple. Furthermore, with over 40 Kafka Granite colors to choose from, Organic-Lock™ is transformed into a unique and environmentally friendly alternative to hardscape. Kafka Granite’s Organic-Lock™ pathways produce not only a naturally beautiful aesthetic, but an incredibly functional one too!

Kafka Granite is proud to offer a variety of stabilized pathway options in order to provide the most appropriate solution for your next pathway project! If you are interested in learning more about Organic-Lock™ or any of our pathway products, contact one of our Kafka Granite’s sales representatives today!