Kafka Land Clearing


With the long and cold winter season finally behind us, Kafka Land Clearing is keeping busy. The Kafka Land Clearing team is traveling throughout Central Wisconsin working in conjunction with loggers to clean up the brush and remove the stumps after the timber has been harvested. Our 1000 horsepower Peterson grinder then finishes the job on-site, diminishing the wood waste into fiber that is then transported to Kafka Biomass for use as fuel in the new Domtar/We Energies Biomass Energy Plant. Finally, Kafka Land Clearing will rake your property, leaving the newly developed farm land ready to harvest crops.

Kafka Land Clearing also performs custom, on-site grinding for paper mills, landfills, city and municipality waste, and more. This recycled wood product may be developed for boiler fuel, mulch, or potting soil.

If you’re looking to take your wood land to crop land, contact Kafka Land Clearing to recycle your stumps and brush and leave your land ready to plow.

Tiffany Kafka


Tiffany Kafka, daughter of Glenn and Beverly Kafka, has joined Kafka Granite as a full time employee. Tiffany has worked as a marketing representative part-time while earning her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. There, Tiffany pursued a double major in Marketing Management and Family Business.

“Gaining hands on work experience while pursuing my degree made for a really unique learning experience. I am privileged and prepared to be a part of a business I have grown so passionate for. I am looking forward to working in conjunction with my family and the Kafka Granite team in order to harvest the company’s great potential,” Tiffany Kafka shared.

Tiffany will be working alongside the Kafka Granite sales team to further strategize the company’s sales and marketing, while also working with her older brother, Chris, to prepare for 2nd generation ownership.

You can contact Tiffany at [email protected]

Welcome to the team, Tiffany!

FEATURED PROJECT: UW-Madison Indoor Softball Practice Facility

Kafka Granite’s Burma Red Hilltopper* Infield Mix has been the premier choice for many major colleges throughout the US including Northwestern University, The University of Notre Dame, The University of Michigan, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, The University of Iowa, and many more. However, last fall, Kafka Granite was finally able to sell Burma Red Hilltopper* in their home state, providing the material for the University of Wisconsin-Madison softball field. The Badgers were so happy with their new infield, that they decided to take the product indoors. This month, Kafka Granite Burma Red Hilltopper* Infield Mix was installed at their brand new, state-of-the-art indoor practice facility.

Hilltopper* is a water-shedding polymer developed by Stabilizer Solutions. When Hilltopper* is combined with our Standard Burma Red Infield Mix, it yields a beautiful field that is waterless, dustless, and completely free of mud, therefore minimizing maintenance. Kafka Granite Burma Red Hilltopper* allows the Badger Girls to complete rain or shine on their outdoor field, while also offering the same firm and resilient playing surface for indoor practices.

To learn how Burma Red Hilltopper* Infield Mix can help you create a field that is both stunning and practical, contact one of our knowledgable sales representatives today!


Hilltopper* is a registered trademark of Stabilizer Solutions. Kafka Granite no longer utilizes Hilltopper* in the composition of their ballfield mixes.