Thin Stone Veneer

Chateau Granite

A natural granite with a sophisticated and clean-cut look.

Applications: Facade, Wall, Fireplace, Kitchen, Bath, Pool, Fountain

Installation: Kafka Natural Thin Stone Veneer can be installed without footings or ledges and adheres to concrete, plywood, paneling, drywall, and even metal.

  • Appropriate for: Residential Use
  • Appropriate for: Commercial Use
  • Appropriate for: Interior Use
  • Appropriate for: Exterior Use


Technical Specifications

Cut Castle
Length 4″ – 24″ Random (12″ Average)
Height 4″ – 12″ Random
Thickness ¾” – 1½”
Yield 10 – 15 lbs/ft²
Content Granite
Origin North America
Castle Cut

ASTM C-97 – Absorption & Density

ASTM C-170 – Compressive Strength

ASTM C-99 – Modulus Of Rupture

ASTM C-241 – Abrasion Resistance


Another advantage of working with Kafka is the ability to source your entire project from complementary categories of our natural stone products. Kafka’s natural stone pathway materials pair perfectly with many of our natural stone hardscapes.

Thin Stone Veneer

Chateau Granite

Kafka's Chateau Granite Castle Cut Thin Stone Veneer
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