Pathway Mix

Antique Rose Marble

Kafka’s Standard and Stabilized Pathway aggregate is crushed to 1/4″ minus with fines. This specific size allows the product to compact well, creating a firmer surface than conventional gravel, while still allowing water to permeate through.

Kafka’s Stabilized Pathway Mix is pre-blended with an organic stabilizing binder to create an even more durable natural pathway. These stabilized decomposed granite surfaces substantially resist the erosive effects of weather and traffic compared to traditional gravel materials.

Common Product Uses:

  • Appropriate for: Walkways
  • Appropriate for: Residential Driveways
  • Appropriate for: Nature Paths
  • Appropriate for: Dog Runs
  • Appropriate for: Bike Trails
  • Appropriate for: Garden Trails

Stone is a natural material and slight color variations may occur. Product is photographed wet to better show color. We encourage you to request complimentary samples before ordering. Granite, marble, and quartz are general classifications. If specific chemical make-up is important, please speak with a sales representative about aggregate testing.


Technical Specifications

Content Marble
Origin North America

ASTM C-127 – Specific Gravity & Absorption

Specific Gravity 2.79
Water Absorption 0.7%

ASTM C-295 – Petrographic Examination

Mohs Hardness 4.5 to 5


Another advantage of working with Kafka is the ability to source your entire project from complementary categories of our natural stone products. Kafka’s natural stone pathway materials pair perfectly with many of our natural stone hardscapes.

Pathway Mix

Antique Rose Marble

Kafka Antique Rose Marble Pathway
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