Kafka Glitter Series

Kafka Glitter Series

Kafka Glitter Series

Kafka Glitter Series

Mica Enriched Quartzite Products

Kafka Granite purchased a new quarry in 2017, expanding the range of our specialty aggregates. This new quarry has been shown to yield something a little extra – sparkle. Due to the high concentration of mica intertwined with strong quartzite, this beautiful glittering natural phenomenon is something that is not commonly found among aggregates. If that wasn’t rare enough – the colors range from black, to green, to pink. With only 60 of the 700+ acres exposed, we are yet to discover all the colors that may lie beneath the surface.

We are beyond thrilled to incorporate this mica-enriched quartzite into our product lineup. With the addition of the various colors, we will be able to provide our customers with an even wider variety of manufactured sandsaccent pieceslandscape stone, and natural stone veneer.


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