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Our Stabilized Pathway Mix consists of Decomposed Granite or Crushed Stone blended with non-toxic, non-staining water activated Stabilizer binder. This binds and locks the crushed stone screenings to provide a durable, permeable, natural aggregrate surface. These surfaces substantially resist the erosive effects of weather and traffic compared to traditional gravel materials. With a natural look much less obtrusive than concrete or asphalt, a Stabilized surface blends in well in natural settings, making it popular for use in Botanical Gardens, Green Roofs, Nature Paths, Greenways, Golf Course Cart Paths, Trails, or any environment where a more organic feel is desired.

Activation of the Stabilized Path product is accomplished by thoroughly soaking the pre-mixed Decomposed Granite or Crushed Aggregate material in place and then compacting. Once dry, this surface will reabsorb a limited amount of water and remain porous, yet will retain it’s firmness, even in wet conditions. Being a natural aggregate, a small amount of maintenance is recommended to keep a Stabilized D.G. or Stone surface looking as fresh as it did after installation.

The benefits of a Stabilized Pathway do not end with aesthetic appeal and the ability to help control storm water runoff. They also help reduce the heat island effect (when you are surrounded by heat absorbing materials like asphalt and concrete), and provide a handicap accessible surface solution for natural environments.

Stabilizer The Original Natural Binder

"Stabilized Decomposed Granite” is a pretty regularly used term. There are all sorts of crazy things that people mix with Decomposed Granite or Crushed Stone. At Kafka Granite, we use only Stabilizer Binder from Stabilizer Solutions. If it is not from Stabilizer Solutions, you could be getting anything from chemical substances to simply ineffective products. Make sure yours has the 100% natural product that gave Stabilized Decomposed Granite and Stabilized Crushed Stone their names- Stabilizer, The Original Natural Binder. It is natural, innovative, and proven on some of the world’s greatest landscapes for over 26 years. Why waste your time and money? Make sure you are getting Stabilizer.

Installation & Maintenance Instructions
Stabilized Decomposed Granite Pedestrian Pathways Installation (pdf)
Stabilized Decomposed Granite Vehicular Surfaces Installation (pdf)
Stabilized Decomposed Granite Installation Cross Section (pdf)
Stabilized Decomposed Granite Maintenance Recommendations (pdf)
Projects Photo Gallery
Stabilized Decomposed Granite Path Photos

Brown Stabilized Decomposed Granite
NEW Chocolate Brown Granite
Shamrock Green Stabilized Decomposed Granite
NEW Shamrock Green Granite
Burnt Sienna Stabilized Decomposed Granite
NEW Burnt Sienna Marble
Sparkling Black Diamond Stabilized Crushed Granite
NEW Black Diamond Granite
Recycled Crushed Porcelain Stabilized Pathway Mix
Recycled Porcelain
Recycled Material
Sugar & Spice Granite Stabilized Crushed Stone Screenings Pathway Mix
Sugar & Spice Granite
Recycled Crushed Slag Screenings Stabilized Pathway Mix
Recycled Slag
Recycled Material
Desert Tan Marble Crushed Stone Screenings Pathway Mix
Desert Tan Marble
Golden Cream Marble Stabilized Crushed Stone Screenings Pathway Mix
Golden Cream Marble
Blue Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Midnite Blue Granite
Autumn Blend Marble Stabilized Crushed Stone Screenings Pathway Mix
Autumn Blend Marble
Platinum Stabilized Decomposed Granite Pathway Mix
Platinum Granite
Dark Green Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Evergreen Granite
Dark Red Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Wineberry Granite
Beige Stabilized Crushed Stone Screenings
Beige Blend Marble
Gun Metal Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Gun Metal Marble
Red Cedar Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Red Cedar Granite
Linwood Granite Stabilized Crushed Stone Screenings Pathway Mix
Linwood Granite
Yellow Gold Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Carmel Quartzite
Purple Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Violetta Quartzite
Rustic Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Rustic Granite
Red Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Colonial Red Granite
Desert Gold Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Desert Spar Granite
Gray Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Imperial Gray Granite
Pewter Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Pewter Granite
Orange Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Dynamite Orange Granite
Black Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Starlite Black Granite
Rose Stabilized Crushed Stone Screenings
Dusty Rose Marble
 Gray Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Misty Gray Marble
 Botticino Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Botticino White Marble
Green Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Wintergreen Granite
Salt & Pepper Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Salt & Pepper Granite
Mauve Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Mauve Granite
 Turquoise Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Turquoise Marble
Rose Pink Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Rose Pink Quartz
Mahogany Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Blue Mahogany Granite
 White Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Crystal White Quartz

Sterling Quartz
Pink Stabilized Decomposed Granite
Sunset Pink Granite
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